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Get pre-application advice and information

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Pre-Application Advice Form

Use this form to obtain pre-application advIce


Adobe PDF

Do I Need Planning Permission - Householder Form

Use this form to find out if you need to apply for planning permission for householder development


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Do I Need Planning Permission - Non-Domestic Form

Use this form to find out if you need to apply for planning permission for a non-domestic proposal


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Prior to the submission of a planning application, get clear, accurate advice and information

Please Note: The information previously posted here about the introduction of fees in relation to receiving advice on development proposals, has been withdrawn on 1st October 2014.  The decision to introduce fees is subject to a call-in by two members of the Council and will now be considered by the Regeneration, Housing and Environmental Scrutiny Panel.  Therefore, no fees are currently charged to receive pre-application advice.

It is our aim to provide, prior to the submission of your planning application, clear and accurate advice and information.

You can get advice and information in a number of ways:

Face to face with a planning officer

Through an appointment system with an officer at one of the following surgeries:

  • Monday - 9.00 am - 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm - 3.45 pm - Civic Offices, Knoll Street, Cleethorpes DN35 8LN.
  • Wednesday - 9.00 am - 12.00 noon and 1.00 pm – 3.45 pm - Origin 1, Origin Way, Europarc, Grimsby, DN37 9TZ.
  • Friday - 9.00 am - 12.00 noon - Immingham Civic Offices, Pelham Road, Immingham, DN40 1QF

You can book an appointment through the Central Access Points at the above offices or by telephoning Development Management Services on the telephone numbers given in the contact information shown on the right of this page.

Email or letter

Email enquiries can be sent to and postal enquiries to: Development Management Services, Origin 1, Origin Way, Europarc, Grimsby, DN37 9TZ.


By calling Development Management Services on the telephone numbers given in the contact information shown on the right of this page. 


A significant amount of useful information and guidance on town planning can be found on the Planning Portal website in addition to that given in the pages here.

Advice available

Advice is generally split into three categories a) whether planning permission is required; b) pre-application advice as to whether planning permission would be likely to be granted, and c) how long it will take for a decision to be taken.

a) Do I need planning permission?

The enlargement, improvement or alteration of your home may often not need planning permission; and the same may also be true for creating and extending driveways and paths or erecting a garden building However, in order to be sure that what you want to do does not need planning permission you are advised to contact us, before starting any work.  Please complete the 'Do I Need Planning Permission - Householder' form to the right of this page and return.

For other non-domestic proposals you are advised to contact us to confirm the need for planning permission, but also so that we can advise on the content of your application and if one is required, to give it the best chance of success. If it is not acceptable then we will tell you so at an early stage (see below).  Please complete the 'Do I need Planning Permission - Non-Domestic' form to the right of this page and return.

b) Pre-application advice

Where planning permission is required, we strongly recommend that you obtain advice from us before submitting your application. This lets you find out whether the Council is likely to support your application, before you commit to further work and expense. It also means that we can work with you to reduce the likelihood of the need for changes to your proposal once an application has been submitted, which itself can mean that there is, by necessity, a delay in making a decision.

How do I get pre-application advice?

Please send us your completed pre-application advice request form and documents listed in the form, to the address at the top of the page or email . 

Further information on the different levels of service we offer can be found in the guidance notes under document downloads, to the right of this page.

Dealing with your enquiry

We can usually give an informal view as to the likely outcome of any minor planning application (such as for a house extension) at a meeting/duty officer appointment. In some cases though an officer may take a proposal away to consider further; so it will take a little longer to get back to you.

If is not possible to give a view at the meeting, or a written opinion is sought, we aim to reply within 15 working days.

Any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith, and to the best of our ability, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application; which will be subject to public consultation and ultimately decided by the Council.

c) How long will it take for a decision to be taken?

Most planning applications will be decided within 8 weeks of receipt and many more minor and uncontroversial proposals more quickly than this. For most major applications, the target is 13 weeks. We will discuss with you, at the pre-application stage, the likely time it will take to achieve a decision and the reasons for this; which may include the need to refer the decision to Planning Committee (Find information about planning committee) whether the application must be referred to Central Government and if it will require a legal agreement to be concluded with you before a planning permission can be issued.

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