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Further information about business centres and units

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Business Centres Locations

Map showing the location of business centres and units in North East Lincolnshire


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The location of business centres and units within North East Lincolnshire are shown on the map to the right of this page.

What are the terms of tenancy?

Tenancies are offered under a Tenancy at Will agreement - no binding lease, no solicitors, legal or surveyors fees and no deposit.

The lease agreement lasts for as long as both parties want to do business with each other.  It does not last for a set length of time, or end on a certain date, as a standard lease would.  The tenant pays rent each month for an indefinite period of time.  Either the landlord or tenant can decide to end the tenancy by giving one calendar month's notice in writing.

Virtual Business Packages

We can offer a Virtual Business Package at a number of business centres which provides your business with a professional business address without the need for specific office space.  Further information can be found via the link to the right.

Business rates

Business rates (non-domestic rates) are payable at each of the business centres and units.  Further information can be found via the NELC, Valuation Office and links to the right of this page.

Will access to my office be limited?

No.  Tenants have full 24 hour access to the building by using a monitored access tag system. Reception opening hours vary between centres.

Can you send me further information?

Information - which includes floor plans, services available and costs - can be downloaded from each of the centre's web pages.  Alternatively, please telephone your preferred centre to request a copy or discuss your requirements.

How do I submit an enquiry?

You can either submit an enquiry form on-line using the link to the right of this page or contact your preferred centre directly.  Contact details can be found on the relevant centre's web page.

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