Level 1- Giving brief advice

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This level is aimed at any person working alongside children young people and families. Its about encouraging families to ‘self care’. Self Care refers to decisions and actions that an individual can take to cope with a health problem or to improve his or her health. As a professional we can encourage this ‘self-care’ behaviour by signposting them information and services which support them to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

A ‘Healthy Weight Conversation Starter’ has been developed to demonstrate quick and easy tools and techniques that will help you engage and motivate the whole family, as we recognise that healthy habits start at home and the best way to encourage a healthy weight is to get the whole family involved. And with the whole family involved, it will be much easier to make lasting changes. This can be downloaded on the right hand side of this page.

If you feel you would benefit from further training and support there is a 1 day ‘Healthy Weight Awareness’ Workshop you can attend to support you with giving brief advice.

By supporting families and signposting them to locally accessible services you are already playing your part! You are on the first step of the ‘Healthy Weight Care pathway’.
A Healthy Weight Care Pathway for 0-18 year olds has been developed by North East Lincolnshire Council, North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus, and Northern and Goole Hospitals Trust as part of our local response to delivering outcomes around childhood obesity.

Our vision is to offer a tiered approach based on the differing needs of children and families, ensuring that children, young people and families access the right support that meets their needs. The pathway compliments NICE Clinical Guideline 43: Obesity, the “Change4life” movement and acknowledges that there are some individuals for whom being “underweight” is an issue.

The pathway acknowledges the roles of non-clinical staff such as school staff, health trainers and youth workers as they have more contact with children, young people and parents. They may be the first person a child or parent turns to regarding weight issues, or issues sometimes associated with weight such as bullying and sleep. This is where you can use you knowledge and the resources available on this page to provide brief advice.

It is particularly important that you are only giving out advice that is recognised locally or approved by the department of health. A useful website for advice and support is NHS choices you will find everything you need here from health in maternity to weaning to the national child measurement programme. And locally to find out about activities and services that are available to help families to eat well and move more contact the Family Information Service.

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