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Customer services

Customer Services

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Customer Services


Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HU


01472 313131


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Customer Services

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08:30 - 16:30


08:30 - 16:30


08:30 - 16:30


08:30 - 16:30


08:30 - 16:30





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You will receive a warm welcome from the Customer Service team who will deal with your enquiry in a friendly, professional and timely manner whilst ensuring complete confidentiality at all times.

Customer Services deliver access to a wide range of council and non council services through the Corporate Contact Centre and the three Customer Access Points in Immingham, Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

At the Customer Access Points we provide a front-line service for:

Benefits - Manual calculations of potential entitlement (up to 15:00 hrs,) assistance with form completion, scanning of evidence to support claims, and ongoing information, advice and guidance

Free School Meals - Assistance with form completion, and ongoing information, advice and guidance

Community Support Grants - Appointments provided to assist with applications for discretionary awards of housing benefit are available at the Civic Office, Cleethorpes

Council Tax - Assistance with form completion, billing advice, exemption/discounts

Recovery – Arrangements for payment in instalments, explaining Recovery process, debt advice

Home Choice Lincs - Registering applicants and advice re the bidding process

Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) – Checking form completion, validation of identity and forwarding on for assessment. Available Tuesday to Friday

Electoral Registration - Assistance with form completion

Concessionary Travel Pass - Advice, issuing of passes, provision of timetables and information

European Blue Badge – Information, advice and guidance, assessment of entitlement and issue of blue badges, receipt of payment

Community Care Finance - Dealing with invoice queries re respite or home care

Parking Fines – Advice with appeals

Planning - Basic advice, public viewing of plans, check planning applications form

Tell Us Once - Appointments to support recently bereaved deal with all notifications/paperwork

Warm Front – General information, advice and guidance

Waste and Recycling – Reporting missed bins and recycling boxes, arranging assisted back door collections, arranging delivery of replacement and new wheeled bins, report bins requiring repair and maintenance, exemption certificate requests for Community Recycling Sites

Streetcare – Reporting streetlights, potholes, graffiti, fly tipping, grass cutting requests, reporting abandoned vehicles, reporting shooting, stealing, flooding, burst pipes and structural damage to property on allotments, requesting emptying or replacement of street bins and dog waste bins etc

Customer Access Point Information / locations

Customer Access Points : Grimsby

Customer Access Points : Cleethorpes

Customer Access Points : Immingham

Contact Centre Information

Contact Centre

E-mail us at -

You can pay your bills by:

Direct Debit: If you use a service provided by the council that requires us to send you invoices on a regular basis, you can pay for this service by setting up a direct debit mandate. If you wish to pay by this method of payment then please call (01472) 313131 to request a form to be sent to you.

Standing Order: Ask your bank or building society to set up a standing order or BACS transfer.

Online: Save time and go on-line using a debit or credit card at

You can also visit the web pages where you can search by postcode for a list of outlets in your particular area and elsewhere in the UK.

What is a bar coded bill?

Any bill that we send you will have a ‘bar code’ on it. These are the same as shops use to read the price of products you take to the till. They make sure that you pay the correct amount and that your payment reaches us from the post office or Paypoint outlet.

What can I pay in this way?

You can use this method of payment where you have received a bar coded bill from the council for the following:

  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Benefit Overpayments
  • Sundry Debtor Invoices (eg, Adult Social Care fees, allotment charges)

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