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Dog fouling and litter bins

Litter and dog waste bins

All of our bins are for litter and dog waste and we aim to empty them weekly. The bins in Top Town, Freeman Street, Cleethorpes Town Centre and the resort are emptied at least twice a day.

If you see any bins which are

  • full and overflowing,
  • damaged,
  • or know of a place in need of a dual bin.

You can fill in our litter and dog waste bin issue form online.

Dog fouling

Public Space Protection Order

The new order will replace outdated legislation relating to dog fouling and dog control. Complaints are regularly received from residents about dog fouling and the behaviour of some dogs. The order has been designed to be as simple as possible and outlining expectations.

You can be issued with a fixed penalty of £100 if you breach the order.

If a dog poos on land where this order applies, the person in charge of the dog at the time must pick up the dog poo and dispose of it in the nearest provided bin or in their own domestic waste bin.

Who is considered to be in charge of the dog?

The person who usually has possession of the dog is seen as the one who is in charge.

This means that if your dog poos in a public place or enters in to a children’s play area you will be responsible. Unless you can prove that somebody else was in charge of your dog at the time of the offence.

Why should you clean up after your dog?

Besides the unpleasant smell and the mess caused when it gets on pram wheels, wheelchairs, shoes and clothing, there is a potential health risk linked to dog poo.

What land will this apply to?

Any place the public or any section of the public can access on pavement or otherwise.

Does this apply to land that is not owned by North East Lincolnshire Council?

Yes, you must clean up after your dog on privately owned land which is used by the public (or a section of the public).

Are public rights of way covered?

Yes, public rights of way is land which is open air and the public are allowed to access.

The person in charge of a dog on land where this order applies must keep their dog on a lead. An authorised officer can tell you to put a lead on your dog to prevent nuisance or if behaviour by the dog is likely to cause annoyance to any other person or animal.

Who can tell me to put my dog on a lead?

An ‘authorised officer of the Council’, this is a person who is authorised in writing by the Council for the purpose of giving direction under the order. This can include a person who isn’t an employee of the Council, such as contractors or partner agencies.

Where does this order apply?

Across the entire borough of North East Lincolnshire.

Why does the Council want to be able to do this?

Most dog owners are responsible and caring but some do not always behave responsibly.

Feedback from local residents has raised the issue of dog fouling and nuisance behaviour from dogs that are not under proper control. The new order will make it easier for the council to deal quickly and efficiently with the small minority of dog owners who behave irresponsibly, while at the same time encouraging a culture of responsible dog ownership.

the restrictions (in certain areas):

leads must be worn – A person in charge of a dog is required to keep it on a lead within the following areas:

1. During opening times for cemeteries and churchyards, including green burial areas and woodland areas as indicated in the Order.

2. All sports grounds, fields, parks, play areas and pitches, which are maintained by the local authority and are not subject to ‘Dog Exclusion’, but only when in use for organised authorised events. These include galas, fairs, sporting matches, charitable events. This would not apply in the enclosed dog exercise area at Sussex Recreational Park.

Clear signage will be erected in these locations

the exclusions (from certain areas) :

dog exclusion areas – A person in charge of a dog must not take it into, or keep it within the following areas at all times (unless otherwise specified):

1. All fenced / enclosed children’s plays area and where there is a sign at its entrance(s) as a “dog exclusion area” which is designated,

2. The Bowling green recreational field at Sussex Recreational Park,

3. On the beach from Wonderland Groyne to Cleethorpes Leisure centre from Good Friday to 30 September each year, and

4. Outside of opening times for cemeteries and churchyards, including green burial areas and woodland burial areas as indicated in the Order.

Clear signage will be erected in these locations

Why does the Council want to exclude dogs from these areas?

These public spaces have reoccurring  anti-social behaviour (ASB) issues, and following public consultation, we received a strong community response in support.

The anti-social activities are having a negative effect on our parks and businesses, affecting shoppers, residents and visitors/tourists to the area who are engaging in normal or leisure activities individually or as a family.

The person in charge of a dog on land to which this order applies must be able to produce on request from an authorised officer the appropriate means to pick up dog mess.

Where does this order apply?

Any place the public or any section of the public can access on pavement or otherwise.

What happens if the Public Space Protection Order is breached?

If the person in charge of a dog fails to follow the order, they will be committing a criminal offence and will be given with £100 fixed penalty unless:-

  • consent from the owner or person in charge of the land that this area does not comply with the order.
  • have a reasonable excuse for failing to follow the order.
  • they fall within one of the other exemptions within the order, such as the exemptions in the order for disabled people, assistance dogs and working dogs.

If you fail to pay the fixed penalty, it is likely you will prosecuted in the magistrates’ court and be fined up to £1000.

Littering and dog fouling prosecutions

Please find details of prosecution figures for littering and dog fouling in the document Dog Fouling and Littering Prosecutions (XLS).

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