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Live, Learn and Work with Community Learning Services

Welcome to our web pages.

The Community Learning Services offers a very welcoming and safe environment for learning.

Choosing the right course

Whether you need advice about your choice of course, or need information and guidance to help you find a course, we can help you. Contact the centre of your choice (from the find out more information below) - specialist staff will help support you to make the right choices and provide the information and additional support you might need.

What courses are available?

To look at the range of courses we offer please download the course brochure (from the document downloads list on the right hand side of this page) or visit the Community Learning Services web pages (using the useful websites link on the right).  There you will be able to explore all the topics and find out where and when courses are available. If you don't see the topic you would like to follow, then ask us. Contact details are on our website.  We may have new courses in planning that are just what you want. We are always looking for ways to meet local demand for courses where practical so let us know. We may be able to offer it ourselves or put you in contact with other providers in the area.

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