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Council Tax forms and how to tell us about a change to your liability

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Council Tax Liability and Billing team (Telephone and postal enquiries only )


Civic Offices, Knoll Street, Cleethorpes, NE Lincolnshire , DN35 8LN


01472 326287 option 1


01472 324322


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08.00 - 17:00


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Instruction To Pay Council Tax By Direct Debit

Instruction to your Bank or Buliding Society to pay Council Tax by Direct Debits.


Adobe PDF

This page includes forms that you can use to apply for discounts, inform us of a change in your circumstances or set up a direct debit.

Change of circumstance? Click here to inform us of any change which will affect your Council Tax bill

Applying for a discount or exemption? Click here to submit an online application

  • Save time, do it online!
  • Submit an application 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from your own computer or at a self-service computer at Cleethorpes library.
  • Processing of the application is quicker, easier and secure.

Tell us about a change in your circumstances

The council should be notified of any change which affects your liability or occupation of a property within 21 days of the change. 

Please use the Change of Circumstances Form on this page.

Here are just a few of the changes you need to tell us about:

  • Moving out of your current property
  • Moving to a new property
  • Someone moving into your property with you
  • Someone moving out of your property
  • Starting or ending a job
  • A change in your income
  • Becoming a carer to someone entitled to certain benefits
  • Children reaching 18 years old

If you are unsure whether to report a change in circumstances, please contact us for more advice, because failure to report a change may result in a penalty.

For queries about Council Tax banding and valuations

Write to: Council Tax North, Valuation Office Agency, Earle House, Colonial Street, Hull HU28JN

Tel: 03000 501501


Some forms can be completed online.  Simply follow the links on this page to start filling them in.  

Other forms need a signature, so they are in PDF format.  Please print them off and fill them in by hand.  They can be handed in at

  • any Customer Access Point, or
  • posted to the address given on the form.

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