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Tide times

Beach at Cleethorpes

Contact information


Beach Safety Area Manager


139 Central Promenade, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 8SE


01472 323356


01472 323355


Opening Times


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)


10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)

Bank Holidays:

10.00am - 5:00pm (May 1st - Aug 31st 2015)

Wheelchair access Wheelchair access

Adapted toilet Adapted toilet

Level access toilet Level access toilet

Information of tide times for Grimsby, Immingham and Cleethorpes

Information relating to the Beach and Tides can be obtained from The Beach Safety First Aid Station on Central Promenade, Cleethorpes.

You can also view tide times for Grimsby and Cleethorpes online by selecting the following web links:

Further information:

  • Please make sure you leave any sand banks 5 hours before the high water times to avoid being cut off by the fast incoming tides

Humberston Fitties Beach

There is a very deep fast flowing creek running along the fitties beach close inshore.  At the closest points between 5th Avenue and 9th Avenue the area is highlighted by danger signs.

When covered by the tide the creeks not visible and can constitute a serious danger, particularly to children.  Adults responsible for children are therefore cautioned to try to ensure that unaccompanied children do not stray into this area.


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