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Family information and children's centres

Family Information Service

What is changing with family support services in North East Lincolnshire?

North East Lincolnshire Council and its partners are using a prevention and early intervention approach to provide better integrated services across family support. This includes children’s centres, health visiting, school nursing, integrated family services and some of our youth provision

Find a children's centre


The North East Lincolnshire Council Family Information Service (FIS) has a statutory duty to provide you with information about services and activities for children and young people. We are currently working on a local online search facility to help you find information in your area about childcare and/or services and activities for children and young people.

In the meantime you can call the FIS Information line on 0800 18 303 17 or you will find an FIS Outreach Worker in local Children's Centres on a regular basis. Please contact the information line for further details about when and where to find them.

The FIS Team can help you:

Supporting neglect in North East Lincolnshire

What to do if you are worried about a child being neglected

Looking for childcare?

Different types of childcare - Group based and home based childcare

Looking for services and activities for children and young people aged 0-19 years?

Directory of services and activities for families, children and young people including childcare, family hubs and children's centres, out of school and young people's support service activities

Where do I go if I need support?

Your Family Information Service Workers are here to help!

Find your nearest children’s centre

Building on the service provided for families with children age 0-5, children’s centres are becoming ‘Family Hubs’ - offering advice and support for families with children up to age 14 (age 19 for some health services)

Apply for 2 year old funding and check the flexible free entitlement to early years provision

From July 2013 families who meet the criteria could be entitled to 15 hours free Early Education for their 2 Year Old

Need help applying for a school place?

Starting School or moving from Primary to Secondary School?

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