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Health and Social Care

Adult Health and Social Care in North East Lincolnshire are delivered in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Focus - independent adult social work is for everyone who lives and works in North East Lincolnshire. If you use adult social care, health care or other help and support services, if you fund your own support, or simply wish to find out more about what services and events are provided in your local community, you can find all the information and advice in one place.

Links to information about our health and social care priorities and children's health and social care services, including the Local Safeguarding Chidren Board (LSCB) are available below.

Children's social care

Find out more about Children's social care.

Drugs and alcohol

Find out more about the work to reduce drugs and alcohol misuse in North East Lincolnshire and where to get help

Live well North East Lincolnshire

Find out more about the North East Lincolnshire Health and Well-being Board - the partnership which is working together to improve health and well-being in North East Lincolnshire - and their priorities for the coming year

Mental health

Are you OK? - Information and links to support services for emotional and mental health and wellbeing

Support services

Domestic abuse, stop smoking support, alcohol, emotional and mental health and health improvement services

Domestic violence and abuse

Information about domestic abuse and the support available.

Find your dentist, doctor, optician, pharmacy, hospital

Find out more about Find your dentist, doctor, optician, pharmacy, hospital.

Find out about the NHS

Information about health services within the area, with links to other national organisations who can offer advice and help

Supporting People

Providing housing related support to vulnerable people living in North East Lincolnshire

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