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Information about health services within the area, with links to other services who can offer advice and help.

The Health Services in North East Lincolnshire

National Health Service - Local Services this link to search for doctors, dentists, opticians, pharmacists, walk-in centres and hospitals and much more, in a particular area. You can search by service, postcode or name.  

Hospitals  Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust was established as a combined hospital and community Trust on 1st April 2001. It was formed by the merger of North East Lincolnshire NHS Trust and Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust and operates all hospitals in Scunthorpe, Grimsby (Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital) and Goole. Its name reflects the wider geographical area in which the Trust is a major provider of health care.

NHS Yorkshire and the Humber Strategic Health Authority  For information about doctors, dentists, and other health services in the area.

North East Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust  Primary Care is defined as those places which are normally your first point of contact for healthcare. This site gives information about primary care in this area.

Strategy for Integrated Mental Health Services for Older People for North East Lincolnshire

Click on this link to view the Strategy for Integrated Mental Health Services for Older People for North East Lincolnshire


For information on Saint Andrew's hospice, visit our page about their services.

NHS Direct  - The NHS information strategy Information for Health, published in September 1998, announced the intention to improve access to health information for patients and the public. This included:
the development of an Internet gateway site to good quality information for the public; establishment of a patient floor to the National Electronic Library for Health; development of different ways of accessing NHS Direct services. You can see a copy of the Information for Health strategy here.

How the NHS Works
A clickable structure plan showing how the different parts of the NHS link together.

Communicate Health  A multicultural and multilingual resource centre.

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