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Assistance with privately rented property conditions

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Assistance with private renting


Origin 2, Origin Way, Grimsby, N E Lincs, DN37 9TZ


01472 326296 option 3


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9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-4.30 by appointment unless via phone or email





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Housing Enforcement Policy 2014 - 2018



Adobe PDF

Following a complaint from a tenant of outstanding repairs to a property we will, under the Housing Act 2004:

  • Arrange for a Housing Renewal Officer to visit the property and inspect it in line with the Housing Health and Safety Rating System
  • Notify the tenant and the landlord of the outcome of the inspection
  • Serve legal notices including timescales on the landlord to undertake the repairs to the property, if the hazards found are considered to be harmful to the tenant. In some cases the notice will be include a charge for letting a property in poor condition.

If the landlord doesn’t comply with a  notice, further action can be taken. This can include the Council carrying out the repairs and charging this back to the landlord.

We cannot help with:

  • Pest control (North East Lincolnshire Council does not have a pest control department)
  • Rubbish/fly tipping (please see the Environment Section of the website or call 01472 324770)
  • Landlord behaviour (please contact Citizens Advice/Police/Solicitor)
  • Tenant behaviour (please contact Citizens Advice/Police/Solicitor)

For further information please see the Housing Enforcement Policy.  North East Lincolnshire Council wants to have the highest housing standards possible for the people living and working in the area. Whether people are living in social rented accommodation, private rented or they own their own home, each resident deserves the opportunity to live in safe, sustainable housing.

The Council has statutory duties to regulate and enforce the Housing Health and Safety Rating system and the Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation. It also uses other relevant housing legislation to ensure that homes are safe, warm and dry, and that neighbourhoods are of a reasonable standard.

Regulation activity consists of carrying out inspections and identifying informal resolutions, taking enforcement action including serving notices and orders, carrying out works in default, prosecution and dealing with licence applications.

This policy sets out the broad principles and processes which the Council will follow when delivering the service.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions on the right hand side of this page.

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