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Heating and installation grants to make your home more energy efficient

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Energy Saving in the home

The council in partnership with Cofely Workplace gives free and impartial advice to local people on the best ways to heat and insulate your home.

Increasing your energy efficiency at home can be easier than you think. There are plenty of ways to save energy that won't affect your lifestyle.

Please see below a few basis tips on reducing your fuels bills

  • Insulate your property
  • Turn the room thermostat down a degree. You probably won’t even notice the difference and could save you around ten per cent in energy costs.
  • Instead of switching on the central heating as soon as you feel a bit chilly, warm up the old fashioned way by putting on an extra layer of clothing or using another blanket in bed.
  • Open and draw curtains at dawn and dusk to keep heat in the rooms.
  • Install draught excluders underneath doors and around windows, especially single glazed ones.
  • If you are drying your clothes indoors, don’t put them over a radiator. Try putting up a clothes rail in an unheated room.
  • Switch to energy-saving light bulbs - they last up to six times longer than a normal bulb. Changing just one light bulb will save money on your energy bill
  • Switch off appliances instead of leaving them on standby

Help from your energy supplier:
The Energy Company Obligation

You might be able to get help for energy-saving improvements to your home if you’re on certain benefits and own or privately rent your home.

You may get all or part of the cost of:

  • loft or cavity wall insulation
  • boiler repairs or replacements


You must own your property or rent it privately and have the owner’s permission to do the work.

You must also receive one of the following benefits:

  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (and your income is £15,860 or less)
  • Working Tax Credit (and your income is £15,860 or less) - plus one of the extra conditions below
  • Income Support - plus one of the extra conditions below
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance - plus one of the extra conditions below
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance – plus the support or work related element, or one of the extra conditions below

Extra conditions

For certain benefits, one of the following must also apply:

  • you’re responsible for a child under 16 (or under 20 if they’re in education or training)
  • you get Disabled Child Premium
  • you get Disability Premium
  • you get Pensioner Premium
  • you’re 60 or over (only if you get Working Tax Credit)

Request advice

You can send a request for advice about Energy Efficient Heating, and Loft and Cavity Wall Insulation.
You can also use the online form to apply for a free Smoke Alarm and a free Fire Safety Check.  

Please see the 'Heating, Insulation and Fire Safety Advice form' listed under Related forms on the right hand side of the page.  

Alternatively you can telephone us on the telephone number shown on the page too. 

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