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Origin 2, Origin Way, Grimsby, N E Lincs, DN37 9TZ


01472 326296 option 4



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9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-5 by appointment unless via phone or email


9-4.30 by appointment unless via phone or email





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All adaptations must be recommended by a member of the Occupational Therapy Team. To request an assessment of your needs you should contact the Occupational Therapy Team Assessment Officer on 01472 256256

The Home Improvement Team is able to provide a sensitive, professional and confidential service that includes advice and support for those requiring adaptation to their home.

Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant 

The Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant is a means tested grant available up to a maximum of £30,000, (including appropriate fees or such other amount as prescribed by legislation). Application's relating to a disabled child (less than 19 years) are exempt from the means test.

  • Applicants (or their child), must be registered, or capable of being so registered, as a disabled person.
  • Both owner-occupiers and tenants (private or social sector) can apply. However, tenants will require the approval of their landlord before the application can be considered.

It is the role of the Welfare Authority (North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus) to determine works that are “necessary and appropriate” to meet the specific needs of the client taking into account their views and those of their family and carers.

In cases where the Occupational Therapist’s prognosis is for high level future need alternative ways of meeting the need such as re-housing to a more suitable property, will be considered.

Having determined the facilities that are necessary and appropriate, consideration has to be given to what works are “reasonable and practicable”. In so doing, cost considerations are included to ensure effective use of resources, particularly where costs are likely to exceed £10,000. It is the role of the Council (North East Lincolnshire Council) to determine if the recommended work is “reasonable and practicable”.

Discretionary Disabled Facilities Grant

Eligible works and grant conditions are the same as the Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant but available to Owner Occupiers only.

In exceptional circumstances e.g. where an applicant has failed the means test but can prove they do not have access to any self funding options and are ineligible for a Homes and Loans application or do not have access commercial borrowing, then an application for a Discretionary DFG will be considered by the Disabled Adaptations Panel.

Relocation Assistance

This grant provides assistance up to £3,500, for home-owners (including park home owners) or private tenants to move to a more suitable adapted or adaptable property where works recommended by an Occupational Therapist are not cost effective due to excessive cost of the building works or is not reasonable practical having regard to an applicant’s property or where it is deemed a move may be more suitable and cost effective, offering the client a sustainable and secure housing option.

  • Relocation assistance can be used to pay estate agency/letting agency fees, solicitor fees, mortgage fees and removal fees, upon completion of a successful move.
  • Applicants (or the disabled person), must be registered, or capable of being so registered, as a disabled person.
  • No more than one Relocation Assistance will be considered from the same applicant.

Call the Occupational Therapy Team on 01472 256256 for an assessment.

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