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Planning and development

If you're looking for advice about a business project, or an investment opportunity, visit our dedicated inward investment website -

Search for a planning application

Track the progress of planning and tree applications, comment on-line, view plans and decisions notices

Do I need planning permission?

Find out if what you want to do requires planning permission

Applying for planning permission

Learn about the different options available to you when applying for planning permission

How much will planning cost?

Find out how much applying for Planning Permission will cost you

Get pre-application advice and information

Prior to the submission of a planning application, get clear, accurate advice and information

Get helpful planning advice and guidance

Information on how and what to provide when applying for planning permission

Heritage and conservation

A closer look at the work of preserving our historic environment

Find out about trees and development

Trees are a vital component in maintaining the quality of the landscape in North East Lincolnshire

A guide to planning enforcement

Learn about the Planning Enforcement function, report unauthorised works, view the register of Enforcement Notices and monitor the status of an Enforcement case

Street naming and numbering

Find out more information about the naming of new streets and registering of properties

Find out more about building control

How to apply for Building Regulations and report a dangerous structure

Object, support or comment on a planning application

Details of how we publicise a planning application and how you can comment on it

Get helpful planning advice from Planning Aid England

Provides free advice on Town & Country Planning issues to community groups and individuals

Find information about planning committee

Find out more about Find information about planning committee.

Find out about planning appeals

Information about the Planning Appeal System

Find out about the importance of landscape in development

Get professional advice and expertise on landscape appraisal, assessment and design

Planning policy

Find out more about Planning policy.

Developing affordable housing

Find information needed when developing Affordable Housing & S106 Affordable Housing contributions

Applying for a Local Authority search

Local land charges and property search information

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