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Local Land Searches

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Guidance for personal searches of the local land charges register



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Local land charges and property search information

What’s it all about?

If you are buying a house or land, it is an extremely important part of the conveyancing process to conduct a Local Authority Search.

A Local Authority Search can consist of the following:

  • The LLC1 - official certificate of Local Land Charges Register (LLCR) search: and
  • CON 29R - Enquiries of Local Authority
  • CON 29O - Optional Enquiries

The LLC1 - certificate search - is produced from the Local Land Charges Register.
This register is a statutory register which is maintained by all local authorities throughout England & Wales. The register consists of 12 parts which are as follows:

  • Part 1 General financial charges
  • Part 2 Specific financial charges
  • Part 3 Planning Charges
  • Part 4 Miscellaneous charges
  • Part 5 Fenland ways maintenance charges
  • Part 6 Land compensation charges
  • Part 7 New towns charges
  • Part 8 Civil aviation charges
  • Part 9 Opencast mining charges
  • Part 10 Listed building charges
  • Part 11 Light obstruction notices
  • Part 12 Drainage scheme charges

The purpose of these charges ensures prospective purchasers of property/land are not caught unaware of obligations enforceable against successive owners by the Local Authority and others.

The CON29R - enquiries of local authority, Planning, Building Control, Adopted Highways and others - is a provision for prospective purchasers of property/land to find out about pending issues on the property/land other than that shown in the LLC1 - official certificate search. The CON29R is an important factor in establishing amongst other things: the status of highways, road improvement schemes, planning proposals, pending conservation areas, building regulations, enforcement and contaminated land.

The CON29O allows prospective purchasers of property/land to request additional enquiries; in particular the route of a public footpath, bridleway or byway and environmental and pollution notices.

Your solicitors will have these forms or you can buy them from law stationers.

The Local Land Charge Unit has 3 main functions:

  • To maintain a register known as the Local Land Charges Register as required by the Local Land Charges Act 1975.

  • To carry out searches of the Local Land Charge register - Form LLC1

  • To respond to applications for the Local Authority Searches - Forms CON29R and CON29RO.

How to apply for a Local Authority search

Please submit 1copy of Forms LLC1, CON29R and/or CON29O with a plan clearly indicating the search area  and the correct fee to the address below.

Search turnaround times

Local Searches are currently being returned to the submitter within 6 working days of receipt.

Search fees

Valid from August 2010



LLC1 Certificate of search £20.00 per form

CON29R - Enquires of Local Authority 2007

£80.00 per form
Standard search - LLC1 and CON29R £100.00 per search
Optional enquiries

CON29O - optional questions 4 to 21

£10.00 per question
CON29O - optional question 22 £14.00
Solicitors individual questions £20.00
Additional parcels of land £15.00 each

Cheques made payable to North East Lincolnshire Council.

DX Address - DX 13536, Grimsby 1

Applications  by email will be accepted, please post payment on the same day

LLCR / CON29R data and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR)

The LLCR and Con29R data can also be inspected and requested under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) to do this you will need to contact the relevant department in respect of the data area in question where the information is not already published.

The request would be considered on merit, as the information held may not meet the requirements of EIR or need to be redacted. (Redaction is the process of editing the information in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998).

Information that is available under EIR would be made available within 20 working days of the request.

LLCR (EIR) disclaimer

The information provided by the Council in respect of the LLCR must not be interpreted in any way to consumers, estate agents, or solicitors as implying that an Official LLC1 Search has been completed.

A guidance note for making a personal inspection of the LLCR can be accessed on the document download section on the right hand side of this page.

CON29R (EIR) Disclaimer

The information produced by the Council for CON29R component data requests must not be interpreted in any way to consumers, estate agents or solicitors as implying that a full or part Local Authority Search has been carried out. The information is purely an extract of our data files and is provided for interpretation by the company/person who requested it.

Details of how to find or inspect the CON29R component data is contained in the component data table which can be accessed by clicking on the related content link on the right hand side of this page .

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