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Use of Ordnance Survey Mapping in Connection with the Submission of Planning Applications

Information about how and where to obtain the correct location and block plans for a planning application.

Ordnance Survey's Maps

Please contact the planning department on 01472 326289 - Option 1  or e-mail  for information on how to purchase ordnance survey maps.

Legal Requirements

Please be aware that Ordnance Survey plans are covered by Crown Copyright. This means that you must use the plans for the purpose stated and that you do not make extra copies. If you are found to be in breach of Crown Copyright you are liable to prosecution

If you are unsure about the use of Ordnance Survey plans, please use the following link to the Copyright section of the Ordnance Survey website at Ordnance Survey Copyright.

The Ordinance Survey have confirmed that a new set of maps must be presented with every planning submission, even if you are resubmitting a previous application, e.g. following refusal or withdrawal, limited period renewal, submission of reserved matters and details in discharge of conditions, etc. Also any maps/extracts must have been acquired with the right to be used as part of an application submission.

We will not treat applications as invalid solely because the OS maps appear to be in breach of copyright but, equally, we cannot be seen to ignore such breaches. You and/or your agent are therefore strongly advised to ensure that any applications submitted to tus are accompanied by OS derived mapping which have been legitimately obtained and include any relevant licence numbers.

Please note that since July 2006 application submissions have been randomly checked to ensure accompanying OS maps are legitimately sourced. OS Maps which do not contain an appropriate licence number/copyright disclaimer or have obviously been 'recycled' from earlier submissions or appear to have been based on OS data without proper acknowledgement may be referred to the OS Intellectual Property and Legal Department.

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