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Commenting on a planning application

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Guidance on making comments on a planning application

This document contains reasons to object to a planning application and matters which are not taken into account when making a decision


Adobe PDF

Details of how we publicise a planning application and how you can comment on it

When we receive a planning application we will quickly publicise it so that people and organisations can look at it and comment.

You can comment on an application:

  • via this website on our "Search for an Application" page 
  • or in writing to the address given in the contact details on the right of this page

Please ensure you quote the application number on all correspondence so we know which one you are commenting on.

Due to the many comments received, we do not acknowledge receipt.  However, you can check your comments have been received as they are all made public on our website.

We publicise applications in a number of ways.  They may be advertised by letters being sent to neighbours or by a notice displayed close to the site - or both.  In some instances we also advertise applications in the Grimsby Telegraph.  We always give a minimum of 21 days to reply.

All comments received within that time will be considered but there are some matters we cannot take into account when making a decision.  These are detailed in the download to the right of this page.

It is recommended that comments are made as quickly as possible as those received after the closing date may be too late to influence the decision.

Signatures, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses on all representations will not be shown on the web site but your name and address will be shown.  Anonymous representations will not be taken into account.

Even if we receive an objection, this does not mean the application will automatically be refused. Most decisions involve  balancing different considerations. The Government has made clear that permission should only be refused if there are clear-cut reasons for so doing.

Please note that the "Access to Information Act 1985" means we have to make any comment available to anyone, including the applicant, to read, if requested.

If you would like any further information on how to comment on a planning application, please contact us using the details on this page.

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