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Get helpful planning advice and guidance

Information on how and what to provide when applying for planning permission

When applying for planning permission you will need to provide certain, specific items in order to ensure your application is valid. What is required will depend on what you are applying to do and where your property is located so there is no single set of instructions that can be set out here.

If you apply on-line via the Planning Portal, you will be guided depending on the information you supply. If you prefer to submit a paper application then you will need to ensure you send all the required items yourself. This section sets out to help you with that process.

Please note that while some items of information are required on a national level, Local Planning Authorities are able to set specific requirements for their area and you will need to provide these before your application can be validated. We provide a series of checklists and guidance notes to help you include the correct information, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

Please note that as of the 31st January 2013 the validation requirements for Outline Planning Consents have changed.  Further detail can be found within the Outline and Major Checklists attached to this page or within the Development Management Procedure Order 2012.

Important information

All decision notices and the relevant notes on planning and associated applications will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided by yourself on the application form rather than sending a paper copy of the decision notice as at present.

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