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Recycling, rubbish and waste

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Winter garden waste collection information:

The collection of kerbside garden waste will be suspended after 28 November 2014 for the winter months.
Collections will recommence Monday 2 March 2015.
For details when your garden waste collection finishes and resumes you can consult the online collection calendar.

While the kerbside collection service is suspended garden waste can be taken to the Community Recycling Centres (council tips) at Immingham and Grimsby. For site opening times consult the web page.

Do you want to:

If you have any queries please contact us using the Waste Hotline 01472 326288

When is my next collection?

Find out more about When is my next collection?.

Community recycling centres (Council tips)

Find out about materials accepted, addresses and opening hours of both sites.

Where does my recycling go?

Find out where your recycling goes and the amount collected

A-Z directory of waste

Types of waste are listed, with how best to dispose of them

Competitions, promotions and events

Where to meet the waste services team

Love Food Hate Waste

Save £50 a month by following our foodie tips.

Request or report it

How to report a missed waste or recycling collection, a missing or damaged container or to ask for help with your household collections

Where can I recycle?

Find out where you can take items to be re-used, or recycled

Request the collection of a large or heavy item

We aim to help you dispose of bulky, large or heavy items and excess household waste which may be unsuitable for collection as part of your normal refuse collection service

Let's Waste Less

Details of campaigns to help cut down on waste including; Love Food Hate Waste, Find your nearest charity shop and Home Composting.

Education and talks

Key Stage One and Two, web page for schools

Real Nappy Campaign

Save money (and the environment) by using real nappies rather than disposable ones

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