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Sport into Schools

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Wastebuster offers a new textiles recycling service which benefits schools and communities

This year, it is anticipated that over 940,000 tonnes of textiles will be disposed of in landfill.

Sport into Schools is designed to enable and encourage children and young people to care for their environment and community by diverting this textile waste from landfill, and recycling it in exchange for sports equipment and opportunities to try new sports; helping them become healthy, environmentally aware, active members of the community.

How Does it Work?

  • Exchange unwanted clothes and shoes for new sports equipment
  • Explore waste in the curriculum with FREE Wastebuster membership
  • Try new sporting activities in your school
  • Work towards an Eco-Schools award
  • Support young disadvantaged and disabled aspiring athletes
  • Be part of London 2012
  • Exchange unwanted clothes and shoes for new sports equipment

Following registration you can plan a special collection campaign to gather as many bags of unwanted textiles as possible, and Wastebuster will arrange for these to be collected and weighed. Depending on how many kilograms you manage to collect, you will be awarded “Sports Points” that can be exchanged for great new sports equipment from Wastebuster's online exchange store. You can make this a regular event and book as many collections as you like and Wastebuster will give you access to all the materials you need to make your day as successful as possible.

  • Explore waste in the curriculum with FREE Wastebuster membership: Access a wide range of fun and interesting teaching resources to creatively explore waste in the curriculum with Wastebuster.
  • Try new sports activities in your school: Use the 2012 Games to inspire your children to get active by exchanging your points for exciting sports equipment that will enable you to introduce NEW sports activities to your school.
  • Work towards an Eco-Schools award: Textile recycling is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, unlock the potential value of waste and engage your Eco-Committee to support work towards all levels of Eco-schools accreditation.
  • Support young, disadvantaged athletes: The project works with a new charity to support Britain’s young, disadvantaged athletes, Sports Traider.
  • Be part of London 2012: Through the project you can get your pupils involved in the excitement of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and demonstrate eligibility for the Get Set network on your 'road to London 2012'

For more information visit Wastebuster's website 

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