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Residents' Parking Schemes

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Parking Services, North East Lincolnshire Council


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8.30am - 5.00pm


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Residents' Parking Policy

Residents' Parking Policy


Adobe PDF

Residents' Parking Permit Application Form

Residents' Parking Permit Application Form


Adobe PDF

Supplication Form

Request for Residents' Parking Scheme to be introduced / reintroduced / revoked - Supplication Form.


Adobe PDF

Update concerning Residents' Parking

On 13th May 2013, North East Lincolnshire Council approved a new Residents' Parking Policy and pricing structure.

Key changes include:
  • For new applications: 51% of the properties on each street wishing to participate in the scheme must be in favour.
  • Reduction in consultation process from two stages to one stage.
  • A clear application procedure.
  • A clear pricing structure.
  • Discounted rate for those in receipt of housing benefit and those participating in the council tax reduction scheme.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • New type of permits - Electronic permits, no need to display a permit.
  • New type of visitors' permits - Scratch card permits.

Information for members of the existing Residents' Parking Schemes

North East Lincolnshire Council wrote to residents of the existing residents parking schemes in August, giving them the opportunity of participating in the new residents' parking scheme.

Following closure of the consultation period, the results were collated and a large majority of residents were not in favour of the new residents’ parking scheme.

On 26th November 2013, the Portfolio Holder for Environment and Housing approved a recommendation to remove some of the schemes. A copy of the report can be obtained on-line at:

Enforcement of the existing residents parking schemes (except College Street, Bursar Street and Glebe Road) will cease on 1st December 2013. Following this, all applicable signage will be removed. The situation concerning Bursar Street and Glebe Road will be revisited. All queries with respect to Bursar Street and Glebe Road, must be directed to the Traffic Regulation Officer, please email:

Parking Services will refund all applicable residents parking permits, before 31st December 2013. Residents that have unused visitors permits should return them to Parking Services for a refund.

Information for residents wishing to apply for a new Residents' Parking Scheme

Residents wishing to apply for a new scheme should refer to the Residents' Parking Policy and if applicable submit a completed supplication form to:

Traffic Regulation Officer
Highways and Transport
Origin 2, Origin Way
DN37 9TZ

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