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Roads, transport and parking

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Drainage, environmental enforcement, street cleaning and grounds maintenance

The link within this page accesses information regarding highway drainage, drains and sewers, street cleaning, grass verge cutting and associated activities

Road repairs and maintenance

On this page you’ll find information relating to highway schemes of work, road and footway maintenance, potholes and roadworks within North East Lincolnshire

Cycling, walking and riding

On this page you’ll find links to information surrounding cycling, riding and walking within North East Lincolnshire

Parking services

This page contains information relating to the North East Lincolnshire Car Parks, variety of parking permits and season tickets, Civil Parking Enforcement, residents' parking schemes, verge and footway parking in some locations within the Borough

Public transport, travel and travel initiatives

On this page you can access information regarding buses, trains & community transport.

Permits, licences and applications

This page links to our "Apply For It" page (also available from the home page) which contains links to applications for vehicle crossings (dropped kerbs), our Phone 'n' Ride service, requests for road lines and markings and more.

Winter service

This page contains links and updates on council services that may be disrupted during any period of severe weather conditions, information relating to road and footpath gritting, weather updates and more

Traffic and road safety

This page accesses information relating to our speed management strategy and tells you how to have your say regarding traffic consultations

Public rights of way and public path gating orders

On this page you’ll be able to access information in relation to Public Path Gating Orders, Public Rights of Way and Walking in North East Lincolnshire

Street lighting and festive illuminations

On this page you’ll find information relating to our new LED street lighting and installation programme, seafront and festive illuminations and all matters to do with street lighting

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