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Bins and recycling update – winter weather waste collections

All general waste collections will return to normal on Monday 5 March and we will be working to clear the missed collections from last week, as long as the weather permits.

Missed green bin collections from last week will be collected on the following dates:

  • Wednesday’s bins will be taken on Monday, 5 March, (or the following day if the round can’t be completed)
  • Thursday’s bins will be taken on Tuesday, 6 March, (or Wednesday or Thursday if the round can’t be completed)
  • Friday’s bins will be taken on Wednesday, 7 March,  (or Thursday or Friday if the round can’t be completed.)


Our bin crews have 23,400 green bins to catch up with after snow forced us to suspend collections last week.

If we can’t collect your green bin on the day we’ve said, we aim to return and take it within the next two days so please leave your bin out by 7am.

To enable us to free up vehicles to catch up on the general waste collections, there will be no garden waste collections next week to free the crews to catch up on the rounds suspended because of the weather this week.

Garden waste collections will return to normal on Monday 12 March. Households can present up to three extra bags of garden waste with their next collection.


Recycling collections

All recycling collections will return to normal on Monday 5 March. Any households that had their collections missed last Wednesday, Thursday or Friday due to the weather can leave extra recycling with their box on their next scheduled collection date.

Any recycling presented in bin liners will be collected, the bags will be emptied and the empty bin liners left in the boxes.


Customer Recycling Centres and ‘Bring to’ recycling banks

Bring to sites will be emptied on Saturday 3 March and collections made all next week.
The Customer Recycling Centres in Estuary Way, Grimsby, and Queens Road, Immingham, are open and people can use the sites to dispose of household waste and recycling.


Communal Collections

Communal collection sites that have not received a collection this week will receive an additional collection next week.


Collection calendar for this week

 Scheduled Date of Collection

 Revised Collection Date

 Wednesday 28th February  Monday 5th March or Tuesday 6th March
 Thursday 1st March  Tuesday 6th March, Wednesday 7th March or Thursday 8th March
 Friday 2nd March  Wednesday 7th March, Thursday 8th March or Friday 9th March
 Monday 5th March  As planned
 Tuesday 6th March  As planned
 Wednesday 7th March  As planned
 Thursday 8th March  As planned
 Friday 9th March  As planned
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