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Community recycling centres (council tips)

Find out about materials accepted, addresses and opening hours of both sites.  Information about asbestos and user guidelines

The community recycling centres (CRC) – formerly known as the tip, dump or civic amenity site.


Estuary Way, Pyewipe Industrial Estate, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 2UD

Queens Road, Immingham, North East Lincolnshire, DN40 1QR

Open every day (except Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year’s day) from 8 am to 6 pm for the disposal of household materials.

Please note:  opening times for asbestos disposal are different and an appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance – please visit our asbestos page for more information

Estuary Way, Grimsby – Community Recycling Centre

Queens Road, Immingham – Community Recycling Centre

You can take demolition and construction waste (soil, rubble, tiles, inert material and plasterboard) to either CRC site in a car, van or trailer. This must be in small quantities, a maximum of three bags and only one visit per day will be accepted.  For disposal of larger amounts please look in the Yellow Pages under ‘Waste Disposal Services’

Construction and demolition waste is deemed to include items such as bricks, blocks, rubble, soil (including turf), plasterboard, wood/timber, doors and windows, fitted furniture (including bedroom, kitchen and bathroom fitments).

Waste or recyclable materials WILL NOT be accepted in a vehicle if they are relevant to the business that the vehicle is used for.  For example, plumbing waste such as bathrooms, /pipework/radiators etc WILL NOT be accepted from a vehicle used by a plumbing business.  Plasterboard, rubble, timber etc will not be accepted from a construction company / builder.

If you employ a company to do work for you or pay someone to transport your waste for disposal they are NOT ALLOWED to dispose of your waste at the CRC sites (Tip).  They must use a licensed waste management company to dispose of this waste.

Please check that the company you employ to transport / dispose of your waste has a waste carriage license and they take it to a fully licensed waste disposal company

Only household domestic waste and demolition and construction waste generated from your own private dwelling will be accepted at the CRC sites if it is delivered by the person (s) who it belongs to.

If you are not sure whether the type of waste you want to dispose of at the site is suitable, please telephone the waste hotline on 01472 326288 before you commence loading.

Please download our CRC user guide for more information.

Commercial vehicles carrying construction and demolition waste will be refused entry.

Commercial vehicles may be used to bring other types of household waste and recyclable materials which have been generated from the individuals private residential dwelling.

Waste or recyclable materials will not be accepted in a commercial vehicle if they are relevant to the business that the vehicle is used for.  For example, plumbing waste such as toilets / wash basins  / pipework / radiators etc  will not be accepted from a vehicle used by a plumbing business.  Green garden waste would not be accepted in a commercial vehicle used for gardening/landscaping services.

A commercial vehicle is any vehicle designed to carry goods rather than passengers.  This also applies to privately hired or commercial vehicles.

For further information read the Community Recycling Centre User Guidelines (PDF)

2018 bike sale days – 9 am to 12pm (March – December 2018)

  • Wednesday 28th March
  • Thursday – 26th April
  • Thursday – 24th May
  • Thursday – 28th June
  • Thursday – 26th July
  • Thursday – 30th August
  • Thursday – 27TH September
  • Thursday – 25th October
  • Thursday – 29th November
  • December to be confirmed

Cost of bikes

  • Adult bikes start from £10 each
  • Children’s bikes start from £3 each

Please note: all bikes are sold as seen

2018 bring and buy sales – 11.00am – 3.00pm (March – October 2018)

Please note: subject to weather conditions e.g.; torrential rain in the morning may result in the sales being cancelled so that less resilient items are not spoilt.  All items are sold as seen

  • Thursday 29th March
  • Friday – 27th April
  • Friday – 25th May
  • Friday – 29th June
  • Friday – 27th July
  • Friday – 31st August
  • Friday – 28th September
  • Friday – 26th October

All proceeds are donated to local charities.

Our Youth Offending service also offer a ‘Recycle Cycles’ scheme. As part of their work towards paying back to their community, they transform unwanted bikes and donate them to someone in need. Adults or children who need a bike to get to school or work, want to get fit or reduce their travel costs and are not able to meet the cost of a brand new bike.

For more information view our Youth Offending Service.

All vans, cars with trailers, pick-up trucks, and large four wheel drive vehicles will be asked to complete a declaration form on entering the site, declaring that the waste has been generated from their own residential dwelling.

Cars using the site on a regular basis may also be asked to complete a declaration form.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act, all personal data is kept safe and secure

The Grimsby and Immingham recycling centres only accept a maximum of three bags of rubble, soil, inert materials, stones, plasterboard etc, from a car per day. Larger quantities or disposal from a van, trailer etc, is not permitted.

To determine the size of a bag an “airport hand luggage acceptance” system has been put in place.

  • If the bag of rubble slots straight in box this is classed as one bag
  • If the bag of rubble are small and you can slot 2 bags straight in, this is classed as one bag
  • If the bag cannot be slotted straight into the box it will be classed as two bags

The size of the bag should be 550mm x 850mm – this will slot straight into the box, however, you can test this yourself before your journey by placing a full bag of rubble in one of your dry recycling containers at home. If it slots in easily then it will be accepted.

Please note: vans and cars with trailers carrying rubble will be turned away.

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