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Domestic waste

Replacement domestic waste bins

North East Lincolnshire Council provide a green coloured 240L household waste bin. We advise members of the public to clearly label their bins with their house or flat number to prevent theft.

To request a replacement bin at a cost of £25 or for more information please call the Waste Services hotline 01472326288 option 2.

Where to leave your bin on collection days

On the boundary of your property on the footpath side, not blocking access unless otherwise agreed with waste management. If you live in a terrace property, put the bin at the end of the alley nearest your home (outside any gates), by 7 am on your collection day. It is not classed as missed collection if residents do not properly present their bin, you must retrieve your bin back to your property as soon after emptying as possible.

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What if I present my bin with side waste?

The bin will be emptied and any side waste, or any bags that kept the lid up, will be put back inside it for the next collection. You can either wait for your next collection, or use one of our Community Recycling Centres (tips) in Grimsby and Immingham to dispose of additional waste. Side waste is household refuse which is presented outside of a standard wheelie bin, or excess bags which keep the lid raised.

Find your nearest recycling point.

The story of waste and recycling

If you cannot find what you are looking for above you can call the number below and select the relevant option:

Telephone: 01472 326288

  1. Bin or box collections including missed collections
  2. New or replacement bin, recycling box or arrange a repair
  3. Recycling enquiries
  4. Bulky waste, white goods collection or clinical waste & sharps collection
  5. Community recycling centres
  6. Domestic asbestos disposal

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Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm except bank holidays