North East Lincolnshire Council

Overview of the waste service

Waste management is part of the Environment and Housing portfolio. Details of our Cabinet structure can be found in our Cabinet pages.

The collection of materials, known as household waste, doorstep collection schemes, on-street sweepings and litter and ‘Bring To’ sites is undertaken by the North East Lincolnshire Council’s in-house team, which is part of Neighbourhood Services.

Details of bin and recycling collections can be found on our Bin or recycling collection schedule.


  • Frequency – collected fortnightly
  • Container size – 240ltr wheeled bin
  • Average households served – 72,000

Garden (Green) waste

  • Frequency – collected fortnightly where subscribed to the collection service, with a break from the end of November to mid-February
  • Container size – 240ltr wheeled bin
  • Average households served – 24,500

Recycling (Paper and card, cans and plastics, glass)

  • Frequency – collected fortnightly
  • Container size – 38ltr boxes (the orange plastics/cans container is also available as a 55ltr box)
  • Average households served – 72,000

Waste and Recycling statistics for North East Lincolnshire Council and other UK local authorities can be found on the Waste Dataflow and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) websites.

The collected waste is delivered to NEWLINCS Development Limited, the Council’s waste management contractor who are responsible for its treatment and disposal. NEWLINCS Development Limited operate two Community Recycling Centres on behalf of the Council, further details about these including location, opening times and the materials accepted can be found in the Community recycling centres pages. Details of the Integrated Waste Management contract (reference NELINCS-CONTRACT-9KRD-75WYI5) can be found on our Contracts Register.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the disposal of confidential and personal material

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) does not accept responsibility for confidential and personal material placed in its waste containers.  NELC further advises that such confidential and personal material is shredded before being disposed of.

For details of our waste and recycling services go to the Bins, waste and recycling home page.