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Recycling and the tip

Recycling boxes

You can watch our ‘What you can and can’t recycle‘ video or view the ‘recycling at home‘ page to find out what goes in your recycling boxes.

Replacement recycling boxes

You can have up to three free recycling boxes a year, you should clearly label your boxes with your house number to help prevent theft.

To request replacement boxes or for more information please call the Waste Services hotline 01472 326288 option 2.

Where to leave your boxes on collection days

On the boundary of your property on the footpath side, not blocking access unless otherwise agreed with waste management. If you live in a terrace property, put the boxes at the end of the alley nearest your home (outside any gates), by 7 am on your collection day. It is not classed as missed collection if residents do not properly present their boxes or bins.

Find your recycling collection day and please bring your boxes back in to your property as soon after emptying as possible.

Community recycling centre (the tip)

There are two community recycling centres in North East Lincolnshire which open from 8am to 6pm everyday, except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Household waste at the tip

If you regularly bring household rubbish to the tip (Community Recycling Centre) in a van or trailer, you must complete an online declaration form before coming to the site.

At arrival you will be asked to declare what waste or recyclable items you’re bringing, and that the waste has been generated from your own residential home. All waste declared will be electronically recorded and monitored.

Trade or commercial waste will not be accepted. Misuse of the Community Recycling Centre may lead to legal proceedings.

If you operate a business, either from your home, or from separate premises and produce ‘trade’ waste, you must ensure that you make the appropriate arrangements for disposal under the Duty of Care as set out in the Environmental Protection Act.

What can you take to our Community Recycling Centres

  • Domestic Household Waste
  • Furniture
  • Green Garden Waste (branches, grass cuttings)
  • Glass Bottles
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Scrap Metal (No Car Parts)
  • Cans/Plastics
  • TV’s & Video’s
  • Fridge/Freezers
  • Small Electricals
  • Large Domestic Appliances (washers / tumble dryers,etc)
  • Textiles
  • Books
  • Household Batteries
  • Tyres (Max of 4)
  • Engine Oil (No car parts)

Waste or recyclable materials will not be accepted in a vehicle related to the business that the vehicle is used for e.g. plumbing waste will not be accepted from a vehicle used for a plumbing business.

If you become a regular user, you may be asked to fill in a waste declaration form, on arrival you will be asked to declare what waste or recyclables you’re disposing of which will be recorded and monitored.

Demolition and construction waste

Demolition and construction waste such as bricks, rubble, soil, plasterboard, tiles or fitted household units can be taken to the Community Recycle Centres in small amounts. You can only do this once a day with a limit of three bags per household.

Special waste

Only Grimsby Recycling Centre accept special items such as engine oil, asbestos, household chemicals, LPG bottles, car batteries and fluorescent tubes.

For disposal of larger amounts please look up ‘Waste Disposal Services’.

Trade waste

Trade waste will not be accepted at our Community Recycling Centres under any circumstances.

Waste or recyclable materials will not be accepted if they are relevant to the business advertised on the vehicle.

Large vans and trailers

Large vans/vehicles and trailers (excluding box and lutons vans) are restricted to one load per day. Before your visit you must fill in the waste declaration form to register your details, on arrival you will be asked to declare what waste or recyclables you’re disposing of which will be recorded and monitored.

For further information contact Waste Services on 01472 326288, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Bring and buy sales

These monthly sales give you the chance to pick up some bargains, whilst recycling your own unwanted goods and donating to charity. The bring and buy sales start at 11am and finish at 3pm. The Community Recycling Centre also sell compost for £2 and you can buy up to 5 bags a day.

Bike sale dates 2019

  • 27 June
  • 25 July
  • 29 August
  • 26 September
  • 24 October
  • 28 November
  • December – To be confirmed

Bring and buy sale dates 2019

  • 28 June
  • 26 July
  • 30 August
  • 27 September
  • 25 October

Recycling sites

You can also use one of our recycling points located throughout the area which are free to use at any time

Our recycling process

The diagram gives sample destinations, reprocessors used may vary as contracts change to ensure the best prices.  All reprocessors used are based in the UK and as close as possible yet retaining best price – samples of reprocessors used are available it the related document section below.

Recyclable items, cans and plastic bottles, paper and cardboard and glass bottles and jars, are separated at the kerbside into different compartments on the recycling vehicle. This method of collecting means that the material streams we send to re-processors are good quality, clean materials.

These items are used by numerous companies to make new products, reducing the amount of new material required.

Your recyclable items could be back on the shelves within days as new items, newspapers for example can typically be back on sale within a week and cans within six weeks.

Alternatively your items may be used to make something completely different. 25 plastic bottles are needed to make a fleece jacket, and your tins and cans could be melted down to make boats or planes. Even glass has unexpected uses, as it can be used in building new roads.



End Use

Green Waste (shredded at MRF) Down To Earth Recycling, Kirton Lindsey or
Clarkesons Recycling Ltd, Riby
On Farm Composting

Newspapers, Magazines and Cardboard Parry & Evans, Powys
UPM, Shotton
SAICA, Carrington
Palm Paper Ltd, Kings Lynn
Reused for Newsprint and Cardboard

Mixed Glass Viridor Waste Management Sheffield (MRF)
Clear glass to Allied Glass, Leeds
Mixed glass to En Circ, Derrylin
Reused in Glass Industry

Aluminium Cans Viridior Waste Management Sheffield (MRF)
then to Novelis, Warrington
Reused within Steel Industry

Steel Cans Viridor Waste Management Sheffield (MRF)
then to Tata Steel, Port Talbot
Reused within Steel Industry

Plastic Bottles Viridor Waste Management Sheffield (MRF)
then to Eco Plastics, Hemswell
Sorted and reused

TV, fridge, freezer – end destination of material

If you cannot find what you are looking for above you can call the number below and select the relevant option:

Telephone: 01472 326288

  1. Bin or box collections including missed collections
  2. New or replacement bin, recycling box or arrange a repair
  3. Recycling enquiries
  4. Bulky waste, white goods collection or clinical waste & sharps collection
  5. Community recycling centres
  6. Domestic asbestos disposal

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Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5 pm except bank holidays