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Requesting a change of name deed

In the UK, anyone may legally change their name without drawing up a formal record.  However, in order for your new name to be officially accepted by organisations such as banks, building societies, DVLA and the Passport Office, an official ‘Change of Name Deed’ may be required.

Your birth certificate will not change: the name deed will run alongside your birth certificate and you should keep both documents together at all times.

Most places and organisations will now accept a change of name deed.  However, if you require one for a specific purpose, we advise you to check that this document will be acceptable.

When deciding on your chosen name, the new name must not be rude or offensive, neither can it be used to create the impression of an inherited or awarded title such as Sir, Dame, Lord and Lady, etc. nor be chosen with the intent to defraud.

Please ensure you have read this information before your appointment.  As part of the change of name appointment, you will need to sign to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the information.

All applicants must bring proof of the name they currently use and their address by producing the following documents:

To prove your name:

  • Current, valid UK or EEA passport. If you do not have a current, valid passport you must bring your full birth certificate (showing parent’s details) and a bank statement / utility bill dated within 1 month of your appointment.

To prove your address:

  • Current driver’s licence
  • A bank / building society statement or utility bill dated within 1 month of your appointment, or your most recent Council Tax bill.

Failure to bring correct documentation may mean we are unable to complete your application.

Certificates will be subject to a standard five day turnaround.  If you wish to make use of our two day or three hour service, additional charges will be applied.

Applicants should be aware that although there is no law regarding what they are able to change their name to, other public bodies may refuse to accept the new name if it does not meet their own criteria for names.  North East Lincolnshire Register Office will accept no liability for this.

North East Lincolnshire Register Office has the right to refuse a name which we believe to be unacceptable.  This includes any name that:

  • We have reason to believe is chosen with the intention of committing fraud;
  • Promotes racial or religious hatred, derides minority groups or promotes breaking the law.

Please note, this list is not exhaustive.

It is recommended that you do not choose a name that:

  • In unpronounceable or incomprehensible
  • Contains numbers
  • Is vulgar, offensive or blasphemous
  • Is chosen for commercial reasons
  • Is trade-marked or subject to copyright
  • Is a presumed title (this is, a first name which gives the impression you hold such a title as “Lord”)
  • Is changed purely for frivolous purposes, such as a bet.

The Change of Name certificate will be held by North East Lincolnshire Register Office for 10 years from the date of your application.  The certificate will thereafter be destroyed and no copies will be available.

You must be a British Citizen, over the age of 16 years.

Complete the appropriate application form and contact the Register Office to make an appointment.

Your application will be verified and processed during the short appointment and your new name will then be officially recognised.  The process will usually take half an hour.  This includes the preparation and the production of two officially stamped and signed Change of Name Deeds, one of which is retained by us for 10 years.

Further copies can be obtained within 10 years of your original appointment.

You will be required to attend the appointment in person and produce the following documents:

  • EITHER your full birth certificate (showing parent’s names) or your current passport PLUS a marriage certificate, if married, or previous name change documents;
  • Proof of address – a driving licence, recent bank or building society statement or utility bill showing your correct address (to be recorded in the change of name deed)

Please note : we only keep Change of Name Deed records for 10 years.  After this time, paper copies are shredded and information will be deleted from our computer records.  If you require more copies of your document after 10 years, you would have to have a fresh change of name deed drawn up and the full fee for the service at that time would apply.

Change of name deed booking fee = £35

Certified certificates issued on the same day as appointment = £11

Additional certificates issued after date of appointment (within 10 years) = £11 (extra charges will apply if you wish to obtain it quicker than five working days)

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