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Market Place

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Pier Gardens

The two popular areas (Pier Gardens and Market Place) are set to be rejuvenated, supported by the Government’s Levelling Up Fund. North East Lincolnshire Council was awarded £18.4m for the resort last year, following the development of the 2022 Cleethorpes Masterplan, which was spearheaded by Hemingway Design.

The Cleethorpes Levelling Up Fund projects are progressing, with the latest set of designs for the Market Place available to view below.

Download the full document at (PDF, 28MB)

Introduction to the Market Place Project

Gillespies has been appointed to prepare design proposals for regenerating the Market Place by North East Lincolnshire Council, as part of the coastal town’s £18m Levelling Up Fund projects. The proposed development aims to re-think the relationship between traffic and pedestrians, enhancing the public realm by creating a safer, more vibrant and sustainable environment for local people, businesses and visitors.

Revitalizing the town is a pressing priority. It is essential to transform the Market Place into a focal point with more space for people and more reasons to linger. This change is expected to bring both economic and social advantages. We aim to explore the potential of the Market Place in collaboration with the local community, various stakeholders and businesses.


In 2009, the Renaissance Charter was launched to gather aspirations for Cleethorpes town centre from local people, businesses and local authority members. One of the pivotal projects was the Market Place, which bridges the seafront and St Peter’s Avenue.

It offers a significant opportunity to establish a high-quality public realm with an emphasis on pedestrians.


  1. A pedestrian focus with limited access to cars
  2. A proper market selling a wider variety of goods on more days of the week
  3. High quality public realm
  4. Good quality lighting, street furniture and signage


In 2021, the ‘Think Cleethorpes’ public survey was launched, receiving responses from over 2700 residents, business owners and visitors. Respondents would like to see space for alfresco style dining, as well as a regular market /events and more street trees & greenery in Market Place.


In February 2024, a public consultation took place at the Town Hall. It garnered a total of 438 responses, predominantly from local residents of Cleethorpes. All survey data was collected by Questionpro. The public feedback was reviewed in conjunction with the previous two consultations to enhance the public realm.


  1. About a 60/40 split in favour of creating a public realm scheme.
  2. Parking is a big issue for local business and total removal of all parking wouldn’t be supported. Some form of free short-stay parking is seen as very important to make up for any reduction in parking provision. Almost half of cars surveyed parked in market place all day.
  3. Reducing through traffic was supported.
  4. Traditional design that complements the existing heritage is supported over contemporary design.
  5. Almost a third of respondents use the space as a thoroughfare, although specific events such as Armed Forces Weekend, Scooter Rally and markets are popular.
  6. Almost half of the individuals (46%), make their way to market place by car, whereas 33% prefer to get there on foot.
  7. There is a perception that the space is unsafe during the evening and suffers from anti-social behaviour.
  8. Alfresco dining was equally supported and unsupported. Some people didn’t think alfresco dining was a good idea because current business’ didn’t support this.
  9. Most people supported increasing planting, trees, public artwork and seating.

A public realm that supports improved lifestyle and celebrates heritage:

  • Rebalancing movement towards active travel
  • A new green corridor to link St Peters Ave and the seafront
  • Enhanced safety and comfort
  • Celebrating heritage and supporting local businesses
  • Creating an iconic new destination that celebrates the place
  • Establishing a flexible space for market and pop events to energise the area and support local businesses
  • Improve lighting to enhance safety
  • Creating alfresco dining opportunities for current and future restaurants/cafes
  • Introducing public art to infuse Market Place with a distinct character
  • Encourage walking and strolling access
  • Provide a variety of seating options for people to linger longer
  • Promoting green infrastructure benefits the environment, and people’s well-being, and mitigates wind effects

Latest designs

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Site Layout

Artist impression of Cleethorpes Market Place concept design


  • Flexible spaces for markets and events
  • Seating areas
  • Widened footway
  • Public art
  • Way finding
  • Bike racks
  • Short-stay parking
  • Tree planting
  • Recreational space

Space use scenarios

The proposals for the place consider a diverse programme of potential events to take place
within the space alongside regular activities such
as the weekly traders market. Whilst these potential events should not dominate the design of the space a number of considerations have been made to enable flexibility such as; clear space for
gazebos and service vans, including pedestrian circulation and queuing; emergency access through for an event, surfacing to be designed to withstand vehicular loading and resistance to stains.

Artist impression of a busy day in Cleethorpes Market Place

Please note that the proposals shown here are illustrative only and show all possibilities for each area. The exact proposal will be developed to incorporate any feedback we receive and to ensure the works are within budget.

Design options

When you have your say on the Market Place design prospects, we want to know your thoughts on the colours and design.

Colour pallette options

1. Pops of colour

2. Natural stone and timber

3. Classic black

Design style options

1. Angular

2. Curved

Have your say

We urge residents, businesses and visitors to let us know what you think about the latest designs and the planned multi-million-pound schemes.

Both draft schemes have already taken account of the views of hundreds of people who helped to shape the Cleethorpes Masterplan. Opinions were also sought in a consultation held earlier this year – and now there’s another chance for people to say what they think about these latest visuals.

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