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NEL Reshape Grant

In 2020, North East Lincolnshire Council produced the NEL Recovery Plan which outlined the steps we would take in the long and short term to support North East Lincolnshire based businesses to recover, create the conditions to grow, and build a stronger future.

Since March 2020, over £62m in Covid business grant support has been distributed to businesses in North East Lincolnshire in addition to government schemes including furlough, the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and bounce-back loans amongst others. Local initiatives such as LoyaltoLocal, the NELinkolnshire Virtual High Street, free retailer subscriptions to ShopAppy, dedicated business support initiatives and a Digital Boost Grant have all formed part of the Council’s efforts to support local enterprises to recover.

The next step on the road to recovery is to Reshape and create the conditions which will allow businesses to grow. 

North East Lincolnshire Council have recently been awarded a third and final strand of Additional Restrictions Grant.  This grant will be used to provide grants to eligible businesses for 50% of project costs, up a maximum of £25,000, to businesses who have the opportunity to expand or diversify activities through the purchase of capital equipment.


  1. Only Micro, Small or Medium sized businesses (no more than 250 employees and a turnover of £25m or Balance sheet of £50m) who are registered and trading in North East Lincolnshire are eligible to apply for this grant. Applications from Large companies will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Applicants from any sector can apply to the scheme.  However, in the event the scheme is over-subscribed, those sectors in the retail, leisure and hospitality (or suppliers of) will be prioritised.
  3. Applicants must be certain that they can complete their project and claim the grant no later than 28 February 2022
  4. Businesses must have been registered and physically trading on 1 August 2021. (This means actively open for business activities)
  5. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that grant assistance is necessary for the project to go ahead at all, or whether its quality, scale, or timing would justify grant assistance.
  6. Applicants that can demonstrate additional value, for example the creation of jobs, empty or poor-quality property brought back into use or improved, or wider community benefits will be prioritised.
  7. The company undertaking the investment must be viable and not in administration, liquidation, or subject to a striking off notice.
  8. If work on a project has started it is ineligible for financial support. A grant application must be submitted, and an offer made before work on the project commences.
  9. Businesses must operate either a business bank account or a separate bank account that is not their personal current account. Transfer accounts are not acceptable.

Funding available

Grants of between £1,000 and £25,000 are available. Awards above this threshold will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. High value grant applications will require more robust appraisal checks during the application process and will be expected to offer sustainable and measurable benefits.

Grants for digital infrastructure, including the creation of new or updated websites, purchase of software, app technology and ICT infrastructure are limited to a maximum of £5,000. Portable equipment such as e-books, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are not supported under this scheme.

A maximum of 50% of the project costs will be awarded.  Projects with an overall cost in excess of £50,000 will only receive the maximum grant amount of £25,000.

The grant can only support capital expenditure, for example (but not limited to)

  • The extension or refurbishment of an establishment
  • Investment in new fixtures and fittings
  • Installation or replacement of plant and machinery

In exceptional circumstances, and subject to availability, this grant can be used as match funding for other capital schemes in North East Lincolnshire.

How to apply

We highly recommend that the business has the support of a free local Business Advisor to complete the application. This will speed up the application process as a level of due diligence will have taken place prior to the council receiving the application. If you already have the support of an Advisor you are free to take advantage of their support, or we would recommend contacting e-factor or the Investment Hub (contact details below) to arrange this.

Applications received that have not taken advantage of this support may be referred to a Business Advisor to collect additional information.

You will need to complete, sign (electronic signature is acceptable) and submit the NEL Reshape Grant Guidance and Application (Word, 747KB) . The application form and associated documentation will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Part A of the application form checks your eligibility for the grant. If you answer yes to all the questions in Part A, you can continue to complete Part B.

Once you have completed the application form in full, please submit your application (in a PDF and/or Word format) by email to

You will also need to attach the following documentation with your application

  • 20/21 (or most recent) accounts or HMRC tax return
  • A recent bank statement

Submission and next steps

Applications will be reviewed by the Programme Delivery Team at NELC. If the grant applied for is less than £5,000, the Programme Delivery Team will make the decision whether or not to support. For grants £5,000 and above, a recommendation will be made to our grant panel who will make the decision whether to approve or decline the application.

If the funding is not recommended for approval, the applicant will receive feedback concerning why they were not successful. An unsuccessful decision does not exclude you from re-applying, but applicants must take into consideration the feedback they receive and address this in any future applications.

Please ensure that you do not commit to incurring any expenditure in advance of receiving confirmation that an award has been made. Any expenditure incurred prior to an award being made is not eligible for financial support.

Please note that the decision is final and there is no right of appeal.

Further information

A step-by-step flowchart has been developed to show the process from application stage through to grant award. This can be seen in the NEL Reshape Grant Guidance and Application (Word, 747KB) .

Business Advisor Support

We recommend contacting one of the following advisor services for assistance with your application:

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