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North East Lincolnshire Economic Recovery Plan

Our Economic Recovery Plan outlines the steps North East Lincolnshire is taking to look both in the short and long term to support our local businesses, create employment opportunities and help to reshape our future economy.

Covid 19 has forced organisations into perhaps the most significant social experiment of the future of work in action, with work from home and social distancing policies radically changing the way we work and interact. In addition to this, Brexit requires all business to re-engineer the way they trade and operate.

We have developed three roadmaps (Restore, Reshape and Replenish) to guide us through the coming months and years. The information will be updated to respond to changes, challenges and opportunities as they emerge. Working together we will continue to build a stronger future for all.

Our commitment

We will:

  • develop and implement plans to maximise opportunities to draw on external and local funding and incentives to assist in the immediate business needs and keep people in employment
  • deliver our regeneration, investment and cultural development plans for our Town Centres to support the delivery of a diverse range of spaces and uses; creating vibrant town centres which offer a place to enjoy and enable business and our community to thrive
  • look to the future emerging job roles and sector changes by seeking to attract new business investment and equip people with those skills for the future opportunities
  • ensure low carbon and green energy is our focus, grasping the opportunity to be nationally recognised as the place for leading edge of Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance, Renewable Power Generation, Carbon Capture, Hydrogen and Biofuel production
  • work with our partners to access funding and lobby for additional powers where necessary to strengthen and build resilience for the future
  • build on our position as one of the major port complexes in the UK and seek expand the opportunities of an associated Freeport to increase trade and investment opportunities
  • continue to engage, listen and maintain the confidence and trust of the local business community with the aspiration to create jobs and prosper

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Introduction to the recovery plan

The recovery plan is designed to provide a concise and easy to use, local information portal for available to help your business recover from Covid in North East Lincolnshire

Three roadmaps (Restore, Reshape and Replenish) signpost you to practical support and where to find it locally and wider national links, now and in the future.

We welcome feedback and suggestions and will be updating the plan regularly to keep it current and relevant to your business needs. To give your feedback please email [email protected].

Recovery plan

There are three stages to our economic recovery plan:

Stage 1: Restore – Supporting business to recover

Stage 2: Reshape – Creating conditions to grow

Stage 3: Replenish – Building a stronger future