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Council Tax

BEWARE: Council Tax refund scam

Council Tax payers in North East Lincolnshire are being targeted by fraudsters. Council Tax payers have told us that they have received a text message entitled ‘overpayment’, inviting them to apply for a refund on their Council Tax. The message…

8 months ago
Have you had your say on council tax support?

People are being asked to have their say on a consultation around the support available to low-income households paying Council tax. The consultation seeks the views of residents on the support offered to low-income households, where the money for this…

2 years ago
Have your say on Council tax support

North East Lincolnshire Council is consulting with residents about the financial support  for Council tax. The consultation will seek the views of residents on the support offered to low-income households faced with council tax bills, where the money for this…

2 years ago
New online service launches for council tax accounts

North East Lincolnshire Council has launched a new online service for people to access their council tax account details. The online service will save residents time, be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provide instant access…

2 years ago
Fighting fraud to protect the public purse

North East Lincolnshire Council has published its eighth annual Anti-fraud and Corruption Report to highlight the progress made in the on-going battle against theft from the public purse. Councils are required to publicise defined information about fraud as part of…

3 years ago
Important changes for local benefits, council tax and business rate customers

Changes are being made to the way enquiries about local taxation and benefits are dealt with by councils in northern Lincolnshire. From 1 July, North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council are introducing a new approach to how enquiries…

3 years ago