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Helping hands : managing money

Managing money

No matter what your income or financial situation, it makes sense to stay in control of how you spend your cash – make sure your bills are covered and your money goes exactly where you want it to.

Here’s some hints and tips of how to take control of your finances, get free advice and how to borrow affordably.

Get free confidential and independent advice on debt problems from:

Centre4advice – free advice service for all in North East Lincolnshire

Citizens advice – online free advice to help you find a way forward

Credit union (Hull and East Riding) – provides an easy way to save and the possibility of affordable loans

Debt advice foundation – a specialist debt charity offering free, confidential advice on any aspect of debt – help managing your money directory

StepChange debt charity – free advice on problem debt based on what’s best for you

The money advice service – free and impartial advice, set up by government

If you are struggling to pay your rent:

If you have been served an eviction warrant, or your home is about to be repossessed call our home options team on 01472 326296 option 1.

If you’re having problems paying your mortgage, take action quickly to avoid getting in debt.

Get help.

Legal action

Get specific help if legal action is being taken against you.

If you have been served an eviction warrant, or your home is about to be repossessed call our home options team on 01472 326296 option 1.

You may be entitled to payments and discounts to help pay your energy bills.

Home energy

The council in partnership with ENGIE gives free and impartial advice to local people on the best ways to heat and insulate your home.

Cold weather payment

You may get a cold weather payment if you’re getting certain benefits.  See if you qualify on the government’s website.

Warm home discount scheme

For winter 2015 to 2016, you could get £140 off your electricity bill through the warm home discount scheme.  See if you qualify on the government’s website.

Winter fuel payment

You could get between £100 and £300 tax-free to help pay your heating bills if you were born on or before 5 January 1953. See if you qualify on the government’s website.

If you don’t pay your bills

A gas or electricity supplier can cut you off if you don’t pay your bill.  If you’re having difficulty paying, contact them straight away and come to a repayment agreement.  See Citizens advice energy advice.

A water company cannot disconnect you – but you can receive a county court judgement against you if you don’t make an arrangement to pay.

If you’re struggling to pay your council tax bill, please contact us.

Tips to help you stay out of debt:

Sign up to pay by direct debit.

Ask us to spread your bill over 12 months

Claim council tax support if you are on a low income

See if you qualify to get money off your council tax bill.

Apply for extra help if you are really struggling to pay because of financial hardship.

Don’t be tempted by pay-day loans, doorstop lenders or loan sharks, if you have borrowed money from a loan shark you can report them at

Be particularly careful about looking for online loans.  Some payday loan brokers have withdrawn money from people’s bank accounts to pay for their comparison services.  If this has happened to you contact the financial ombudsman for advice.

You may be able to borrow money at much cheaper rates by joining a credit union.

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