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Local and national support for SEN

Find out the support and information available for special educational needs and local offer for children and young people in North East Lincolnshire. We have also included details of national support providing links to resources and useful information. Details can be seen in the expandable sections below.

You may ask “What is Parent Participation, and why is it important that it continues in North East Lincolnshire?”

Parent and carers can help pinpoint problems frequently experienced by families with disabled children. This knowledge is useful to professionals to help them improve how services are delivered, so they better fit family’s needs.

With successful parent participation both parents and professionals work together recognising each other’s specific knowledge and therefore informed decisions are made which make the best use of people’s time and money.

With cuts that are being made to services and money tight for those that survive, it is vitally important that local parent and carers get involved with crucial decisions being made to ensure that what money there is available is spent wisely to best benefit disabled children and their families.

The North East Lincolnshire Parent Participation Forum (NELPPF) is the local opportunity for parent/carer(s) to have their voices heard and help influence local decisions that may affect their families.

The Forum meet on a regular basis at the North East Lincolnshire Carers Centre, 1 Town Hall Square, Grimsby. All parents and carers are welcome. For further information, please contact the Forum by email at or by phone on 07583474892 (Co-ordinator – Karen Hoe, Chair – Marie Fitzgerald).

Who are we?

North East Lincolnshire Special Educational Needs and Disabilities information, advice and support service (NEL SENDIASS) is a parent partnership service funded by North East Lincolnshire local authority and Barnardo’s. Barnardo’s employ the staff and run the service.

What do we do?

NEL SENDIASS provides impartial information, advice and support on matters around special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Support is provided on a range of topics, including:

  • provision in schools
  • assessment processes
  • conversion of statements to education, health and care plans (EHCP)
  • reviews
  • transitions
  • exclusions
  • transport
  • specialist provision/support services
  • appeals
  • local policies
  • SEND code of practice

Support may be provided on a 1-1 or group basis according to need.

Who is it for?

NEL SENDIASS is a free, impartial, and confidential service for parents and carers of children and young people (0 – 25) with additional needs. Children and young people with additional needs aged 0 – 25 years can also access the service for support in their own right.

How do I access it?

By contacting the service directly using the contact details provided below:

Telephone: 01472 355365

Address: Barnardo’s 11 Dudley Street, Grimsby, DN31 2AW



Office hours : Monday -Friday 8.30am -4.30pm

Resources and useful links

Discover the Children and Young People, Information, Advice and Support Services Network website:

We hope you find informative and entertaining! It contains lots of information about how our service can offer you support and guidance so that you can be involved and heard every step of the way!

You can read the Department for education’s handy guide, which explains the new SEND system for children and young people: SEND guide for children and young people (PDF)

You can also watch this video on YouTube, which explains how the new system will affect you: – Special Education Needs and Disability Support

Other useful Links

Coram Children’s Legal Centre

Department of Education


National IASS

North East Lincolnshire Parent Participation Forum (NELPPF)

SENDIASS Video Library

Part One – About the SENDIASS service

Part Two – What is an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

There are many services out there locally and nationally and it can seem overwhelming narrowing down the information. You can search the Family Information Service directory which contains information for our area about groups, activities, schools and more:

If you want more information you can get in touch with our Family Information Service by email at or by phone on 01472 326292 Option 1.

Address: The Old Waterworks Offices, 1 Town Hall Square, Grimsby DN31 1HY

Telephone: 01472 242277



A Carer is someone of any age who looks after a child, relative, partner or friend in need of help because they have an illness, disability, frailty or a substance misuse problem. The care they provide may be personal, emotional or supervisory and is unpaid.

The Carers’ Support Service is here to work with and support Carers in North East Lincolnshire.

Who do we support?

The Carers’ Support Service supports different groups of Carers:

  • Adult Carers – Adults caring for someone aged 18 or over
  • Young Adult Carers – Adults aged 18 to 25 who care for someone aged 18 or over
  • Young Carers – Carers under the age of 18 who care for a family member (parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.)
  • Parent Carers – Carers who provide for the additional needs of a child as a consequence of a disability or medical condition
  • Carers of someone with a substance misuse problem – Carers in this situation must be 18 or over to access support via the Carers’ Support Service

The Carers’ Support Service aims to meet the individual needs of a Carer that arise as a result of a caring role. All support via the Carers’ Support Service is available to all groups of Carers, with the exception of Young Carers.

The Carers’ Support Service works closely with the Young Carers Team within North East Lincolnshire Council. Together we ensure Young Carers are given the information, advice and support they need to reduce the impact of a Young Carers caring role. The Carers’ Support Service can register Young Carers and signpost directly to the Young Carers Team for an assessment. From age 16, Young Carers can also access specialist advice regarding benefits. To book an appointment give us a call on 01472 242277.

Carers Emergency Alert Card Leaflet (PDF)

How to access support for a child with additional needs

If you wish to know more about what support is available for a child or young person with additional needs, please contact our Children’s Disability Service (CDS) on 01472 326292, option 1.

If you have a concern about the welfare of safety of a child, please contact the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 01472 325555.

The CDS will, like Family Information Services, provide you with information about Universal Services and more specialist groups that can offer support, without the need for an assessment.

North East Lincolnshire Council have an Eligibility Criteria to access certain services for which an Assessment is needed. CDS undertake assessments of need and parents/carers of children with disabilities can ask for an assessment if the Universal Services are unable to meet their needs.

Following the assessment, a support plan will be agreed with the child and family, this may include direct provision of services of a Direct Payment.

The CDS will review the Support Plan regularly with the emphasis being on promoting inclusion, meeting identified outcomes and support the family as a whole.

Contact details


Telephone: 01472 326292, option 1.

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 8.30 am to 5 pm and Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, except bank holidays.

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There are lots of local and national support services out there but knowing where to start to look for help can feel overwhelming. We have put together support services for the most common enquiries we receive and to try help you find services quickly and easily we have split in to the following:

  • Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  • Sensory Impairments
  • Specific Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities
  • Physical and Mobility Difficulties

Financial Support

Caring for a child or young person with additional needs can mean you encounter more financial pressures. There is support out there, both locally and nationally.

  • Benefits, Funding and Grants
  • Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payments
  • Personal Budgets
  • Travel

Department for Education

  • Department for Education information about SEN
  • Department for Education – Early Support


Want to find out what others think about services? Contact a Family run SENDirect. An online service that allows families of children with additional needs to find, compare and buy activities, support and services. SENDirect aims to support families to find out what other people think of services.

Family Information Service


Telephone: 01472 326292, option one

Opening times (telephone and email enquiries): Monday to Thursday 8.30 am to 5 pm and Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm except bank holidays