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Health and wellbeing for young people

Mental and emotional health

We all have feelings. Some days we feel great, other days we might feel unhappy. These thoughts and feelings are sometimes called our mental health or emotional wellbeing. Our mental health or feelings are constantly changing and as a result can change how we think, feel, learn and play. Therefore, it’s really important that we look after our emotional health as well as our physical health.

There are lots of things that we can do to look after our mental health and make us feel better. These include keeping active, learning new things, talking to others, taking notice of the good things that happen in life and doing nice things for our friends and family. Young Minds  offer lots of information about how to look after your mental health as well as what to do if you think you need help with your feelings.

There are many places you can go and people you can speak to about your emotional wellbeing in our area.

Alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol can have a terrible effect on your body, especially if you are still developing and you should know the dangers and your limits. If you are worried about the effects drugs and alcohol may have, or are worried about your friends, help is at hand. Never feel pressured into taking anything you don’t want to – It’s not worth the risk.

Alcohol and drugs do more harm to you than it does to adults because the brain is still developing. Drinking heavily can lead to lifelong damage to the memory, the ability to move and coordination. It can also make you do things you would never usually do if you were sober, and can often lead to accidents and incidents that you would not have chosen.

Sexual health

Let’s talk about sexual health. Here you will find information and support on topics you may feel are just too awkward to ask your parents or guardian.

Sexual health can be a very sensitive subject, even for adults nobody likes to go to the doctor about a sexual transmitted infection (STI) they may have.  Below are websites that allows you to get advice, and confidential support on all things sexual health.


North East Lincolnshire Council in partnership with local sexual health providers of services, will be introducing a Condom card (C-card) scheme within the borough on a two staged basis. This service will be open to all young people within North East Lincolnshire up to the age of 18. To see a list of participating pharmacies  select the C-card image below.

For more information read our C-card scheme Privacy Notice (PDF)

Contact details

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