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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Wellbeing Service support for quitting smoking

UPDATE: The E-cigarette voucher provision for pregnant women has stopped until further notice.


The Wellbeing Service is following national COVID-19 guidance and is stopping all face-to-face stop smoking consultations immediately.

Smokers are particularly at risk to the harm caused by COVID-19 because it is a respiratory illness.  Due to their poor lung health, smokers are at greater risk of:

  • getting acute respiratory infections
  • infections lasting longer
  • infections being more serious than it would be for someone who does not smoke

Smoking also weakens the immune system, so smokers are at a higher risk of infection like the ones caused by COVID-19.

The Wellbeing Service continues to provide stop smoking services to existing or newly referred clients over the phone, Skype, FaceTime or other suitable platform. Our team is being as flexible as possible to keep in contact with all of our clients.

In line with national guidance, Carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring is being stopped for the time being. This includes pregnant women.

We have adapted our service to make sure you, our clients, continue to receive your stop smoking medication which will be sent to your GP practices.  Your Wellbeing practitioner will continue to help you to understand the right product and support for you.

Pregnant women will also continue to get support over the phone or virtual platform.

You will still have access to the nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) voucher system because we are switching to a digital version that you can access from a number of pharmacies.

Pharmacies will need 24 hours to prepare and dispense the right stop smoking products for you. Your Wellbeing Worker can provide you with details of the pharmacies closest to your home.

The E-cigarette voucher provision for pregnant women has stopped until further notice because the ECigarette Outlets have now closed due to COVID-19.

In obtaining NRT please use the relevant national guidance, such as social distancing, and where possible, ask someone to collect your products for you.


We all have a vital role to play in preventing the spread of COVID-19, and in helping smokers become and remain smoke free so they are at less risk of serious health consequences from the virus.

We will continue to review our advice and provision, in line with any new or updated national guidance around COVID-19.

Stay safe and take care.

For any further information or to use the service contact:

Tel: 01472 325500

Text: 60060


Twitter: @livewellnel



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