North East Lincolnshire Council

Information sharing

Your personal data

The personal data we hold about you includes information needed to contact you and provide access to the services you require.

In some cases there will be a need to share your personal information with another council department or organisation, for example to deliver a service you require or to ensure your welfare and protection. This sharing will normally be done with your consent, but there are circumstances such as in relation to crime prevention and detection when we may disclose your personal information without your consent.

Humber Information Sharing Charter

In collaboration with our partners in the Humber region we have developed and agreed a Humber Information Sharing Charter (PDF). The charter sets out our commitment to share the information we hold about you, in a fair and transparent way.

Information sharing arrangements

At a service level, in line with best practice we are developing information sharing agreements supporting the sharing of the data needed to deliver specific services and achieve outcomes. An example of this is the agreement we have developed in collaboration with North East Lincolnshire’s schools and academies for sharing education related information.

Read our Education Information Sharing Agreement (Word document).