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Council wins grant to support £9m energy innovation project in North East Lincolnshire

A multi million pound grant to promote, innovate and adopt energy efficiency and renewable energy use has been won by North East Lincolnshire Council

The Council has been awarded £5.4m funding from the European Regional Development Fund  (ERDF) to boost renewable energy use in SMEs, council and other public sector owned buildings in the area.

Along with private sector investment, the funding will form part of a £9.2m project to set up a one stop shop to provide energy and low carbon services for SMEs as well as facilitating large scale investment in public infrastructure.

The council has worked in partnership with Engie, Northamptonshire County Council and the Greater Lincolnshire LEP to develop the project which will benefit both North East Lincolnshire and the wider Greater Lincolnshire area.

The package for businesses will include:

  • Dedicated energy support service available by email and phone
  • Promotion and delivery of energy efficiency reviews aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • Advice and expertise to organisations wanting to implement energy efficiency projects, as well as to those developing low carbon products and services
  • Support for renewable energy schemes
  • Installation of low cost energy efficiency measures on-site
  • Set up of a Smart Energy Network to encourage sharing of best practice
  • Provision of financial grants for energy efficiency measures that target heating efficiency and lighting

Additionally, the funding will be allocated to deliver energy efficiency measures in public buildings, including the civic buildings, Cleethorpes and Grimsby leisure centres and the Auditorium, and establish intelligent energy management systems to help use energy more efficiently.

The project, which will be delivered over three years, starting in April next year, builds on the work already underway in North East Lincolnshire on energy.

Just a few of the areas of work already underway include:

  • Work on home energy has been ongoing for several years, with hundreds of homes benefitting from advice and information on energy saving measures.
  • The Big Switch, a community energy scheme, has seen a number of  households sign up to new tariffs to reduce the amount spent on energy
  • Installation of solar panels and smart motion-sensor lighting in council buildings to generate electricity and reduce the amount we spend.

Cllr Watson, portfolio holder for energy and the environment said:  “We have said on several occasions that it’s our ambition to be nationally and internationally recognised in North East Lincolnshire as the UK’s leading region for low-carbon energy and the UK capital of the renewable energy industry. We are committed to taking a lead role in delivering this and we hope that this project will provide a springboard for further activity and investment.”

The Smart Energy Businesses for Greater Lincolnshire project is the outcome of a partnership between North East Lincolnshire Council and the University of Applied Sciences Trier’s Institut fur angewandtes Stroffstrommanagement (IfaS).

The project will be delivered over the next three years, starting in April 2018.


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