North East Lincolnshire Council

Local elections 22 May 2014

As a result of the local elections held on 22 May, 2014, the political composition of North East Lincolnshire Council is as follows:

Party Number of seats
Labour 21
Conservative 10
Liberal Democrats 3

Candidates whose names are shown in bold type were elected

Election turnout: 31.04%

Croft Baker (turnout: 33.29%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Matthew Jason Brown Labour 1031
Roy Thomas Crampton Trade Unionist 104
Sarah Elaine Hughes Liberal Democrats 61
Debbie Landymore Conservative 352
Christopher James Osborne UKIP 885
Leanor Mary Pidgen Independent 424

East Marsh (turnout: 24.50%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Stephen Beasant Liberal Democrats 907
Annie Darby Labour 369
Andrew Dickson Green Party 46
Phillip John Dumbrell UKIP 422
Philip Martin Tuplin Trade Unionist 22

Freshney (turnout: 26.94%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Andrew Lingwood Green Party 73
Nicholas Robert Pettigrew UKIP 763
Douglas Victor Pickett Liberal Democrats 85
Ian Michael Radford Trade Unionist 32
Graham Reynolds Conservative 394
Kathryn Helen Wheatley Labour 631

Haverstoe (turnout: 37.99%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Jack Robert Connor Labour Party 547
Margaret Cracknell Conservative 1403
Victoria Anne Dunn Green Party 86
Roy Horobin Liberal Democrats 133
Paul Wood UKIP 939

Heneage (turnout: 29.15%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Andy Fox Green Party 97
Abby McKenna Liberal Democrats 108
Val O’Flynn Trade Unionist 43
John Matthew Stockton UKIP 918
David Rimmer Walker Conservative 408
Karl Wilson Labour 779

Humberston and New Waltham (turnout: 35.47%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Gareth Luke Carter Labour 533
Stephen William Harness UKIP 1521
Stan Shreeve Conservative 1062

Immingham (turnout: 33.33%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
David Bolton Labour 960
Martin Reed Green Party 112
Andrew Jonothan Simon Smith Trade Unionist 49
Stewart Swinburn Conservative 787
Andy Warwick UKIP 952

Park (turnout: 34.89%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Joseph George Coombs Trade Unionist 42
Tom Furneaux Conservative 614
Liz Haddock Labour 577
Christina McGilligan-Fell Liberal Democrats 867
Jacqueline Vessey Green Party 165
Stephen Whittingham UKIP 796

Scartho (turnout: 35.07%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Sally Michelle Dixon Conservative 960
Catherine Harper Labour 549
Graham Frederick Hicks Liberal Democrats 179
Henry Richard Hudson UKIP 1233

South Ward (turnout: 24.44%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Jane Elizabeth Bramley UKIP 690
Hayden Dawkins Conservative 200
Luke Hardy Green Party 52
Debbie Hill Independent 238
Susan Lindsay Pickett Liberal Democrats 97
Callum David Stanland Labour 660

Sidney Sussex (turnout: 26.19%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
George Kampanella Georgiou Independent 89
Richard Hardy Conservative 369
Nicola Dawn Hockell Liberal Democrats 79
Malcolm Morland Trade Unionist 126
Matthew George Stinson UKIP 891
Alexander Wallace Labour 584

Waltham (turnout: 35.95%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Iain Black Colquhoun Conservative 889
Eleanor Fell Liberal Democrats 76
Guy Thomas Twisleton Haxby UKIP 664
Ashley David Smith Labour 389

West Marsh (turnout: 24.06%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
Peter Michael Barker Independent 247
Paul David Batson UKIP 325
Tim Mickleburgh Labour 434
David William Mitchell Trade Unionist 32
Keith Watkin Independent 135

Wolds (turnout: 35.10%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
John William Chapman UKIP 676
David Anthony Hasthorpe Conservative 911
Christohper Fracis Swale Labour 408

Yarborough (turnout: 26.96%)

Candidate Party No. of votes polled
James David Cairns UKIP 957
Rhys Dane Cook Conservative 387
May Dodds Labour 717
Sarah Leak Liberal Democrats 175
Ben Leech Trade Unionist 42

Electoral services, Municipal Offices, Town Hall Square, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN31 1HU


Telephone: 01472 324160 or 01472 324118

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm except bank holidays