North East Lincolnshire Council

COVID-19: Bins and recycling

Bin collections

Bin rounds are running as normal. There has been some delays to garden waste collections and recycling boxes.

If your bin or boxes are missed please put them out the next day and we’ll empty them as soon as we can.

Check your bin collection dates.

Recycling centres (Tips)

Store your waste and recycling at home if you can do it safely

People should only visit the tip if the waste in their home presents a risk of injury or a risk to public health or the local environment.  The community recycling centres are both open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm but have restrictions in place.

Mattresses and bulky items such as sofas and bathroom suites will not be accepted. Most other waste and recycling and white goods will be accepted, however you can only bring:

  • a maximum of three types of waste and/or recyclable materials at any one time 
  • wood/MDF in a car 
  • soil and rubble in a maximum of three bags per household per day


  • No one in self-isolation or with coronavirus symptoms should visit the tips under any circumstances 
  • Only visit if it is absolutely necessary
  • Stay two metres away from our staff and other visitors to the site 
  • Up to four cars on site at a time 
  • All waste and recycling must be brought to the site in a vehicle 
  • Only one visit per day 
  • Assistance will not be given by the site attendants – please only bring waste that you are able to handle safely yourself 
  • Maximum of 2 people in a vehicle 
  • On your return from the site, please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands for 20 seconds on arrival at your destination.

There are no sales of compost and the charity sales have been cancelled until further notice.

Warning: Rubbish which has been dumped illegally will be searched and the owner will have legal action taken against them.

Bulky waste

Our community recycling centres (tips) are closed for bulky waste items such as sofas, but are accepting white goods. The number of collection slots will be reduced from Monday 8 June to make sure operatives can get round in the allotted time, as they now spray all of the items with disinfectant before collecting them.

Collections are running again and you can book a collection slot online.