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COVID-19: Business urged to get in touch as value of grants issued tops £25million

Nearly 900 businesses in North East Lincolnshire are being contacted directly to ask them to submit their business details as they are likely to be eligible for government business grants.

So far, more than 2100 eligible small businesses in North East Lincolnshire have received government grants worth a total of more than £25million to date (figures at 30 April).

But around 1000 businesses that have been identified as eligible for the grants have not yet been in contact, so the council is writing and calling those businesses directly to encourage them to submit their information through the council’s website.

Cllr Philip Jackson, leader of the Council, said: “Overall, we think that around 3000 businesses in North East Lincolnshire should be eligible for these grants, and the team has done a great job so far to make sure the eligible businesses get the money quickly to help them through the COVID-19 crisis.

“But there’s a number of eligible businesses that haven’t yet contacted us, and we’d encourage them to do so quickly rather than wait for our letter. We’re doing what we can to contact the remaining businesses that haven’t been in touch, but if businesses take the initiative and contact us, they are likely to be able to receive the funds more quickly.”

If you aren’t sure about what measures are available to help your business, or talk through options, email in the first instance to arrange a call back from one of the advisors. Someone will call you back to discuss your queries, and make sure you find the information and support you need to make the decisions that are best for your business.

Around 3000 businesses currently in receipt of Small Business Rate Relief or Rural Rate Relief are eligible for this support in the area, and are being invited to submit their information in order to access the grants.

A simple online form needs to be submitted in the first instance – available on – in the “Business grants and support” section. The Council will then check eligibility and distribute grants as soon as it possibly can.

Cllr Jackson also issued a warning about potential fraud: “As part of the process, businesses need to submit specific information through the council’s website, which includes some financially sensitive information regarding the business. Businesses need to make sure that when they submit this information, they are doing it through the council’s website, not through any other resource. If there is any concern, businesses should contact either the E-Factor email or visit our website for more information in the first instance.”

If you need additional general information about other council services, visit in the first instance.


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