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COVID-19: Licensing

Alcohol sales

If you intend to provide off sales of alcohol, The Council and Humberside Police would ask that you follow these guidelines in the interest of public safety:

  • ensure adequate Social Distancing is in place for staff and customers, and for members of the public passing the premises
  • avoid using open vessels if possible
  • control numbers of customers queuing
  • do not allow customers to gather in the proximity of the premises
  • provide staff to steward customers, where required
  • avoid using glass containers
  • provide bins for rubbish
  • avoid cash sales
  • do not carry out promotional activities
  • ensure you comply with your premises licence conditions and you have permission for off sales.
  • do not allow customers to consume drinks in any beer garden, or place any tables or chairs outside the premises.
  • be aware that responsibility for gatherings and anti-social behaviour away from the premises could rest with you if they occur as a result of your sales.

Licence to put tables and chairs on the street or pavement

If a pub, bar, restaurant or cafe would like to have seating for customers outside of their property and on a public highway then they must have a licence to do so. A public highway includes roads, pavements and verges.

A licence is required to make sure that enough space is available for the safe and free movement of all people using the highway. It also considers any possible noise disturbance for near by residents and business owners.

To find out more and apply go to Licence to put tables and chairs on the street or pavement.