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COVID-19: Bins and recycling

Bin collections

Frontline and operational staff are pulling out all the stops and adapting how they work to help keep vital services running in the face of coronavirus cases in the area.

The Council has plans in place to keep disruption to a minimum and prioritise work, but we are in the midst of a global pandemic and all sorts of services and supply chains face disruption.

Local authorities are not immune from that and there could be short delays to some services if staffing levels fall due to the virus and the need to self-isolate.

If this happens, we will move staff between services to focus on high priority and safety critical frontline tasks.

This may increase response times to other, less urgent matters, but we will always return and address this as soon as we can.

If we don’t empty your bins on your scheduled collection day, please report it online from 2:30pm until the following midday.
Put your bins out by 7am the next day and we will empty them as soon as we can.

Bins and recycling information

Bin collection dates

Recycling centres (the tip)

Bulky waste collections