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COVID-19: Health and wellbeing

Is COVID-19 affecting your mental health?

You can call NAViGO on 01472 256256, option 3 for 24/7 mental health support in North East Lincolnshire.

Mental health resources

We have put together some resources to help during this time. You can find these on our emotional wellbeing resources page.

For government guidance on mental health and emotional wellbeing go to the GOV.UK website:

Concerns about mental health

If you are concerned about the mental health of yourself or someone you know, particularly if there is a potential risk to life, due to feeling low, struggling to cope or experiencing suicidal thoughts, please contact: North East Lincolnshire Adult Mental Health Service (Navigo) 01472 256256 option 3.

Young Minds Matter

Young Minds Matter offer mental health and emotional wellbeing support and advice to children, their families and professionals working with children and young in North East Lincolnshire.

Where it is safe to do, we are offering assessment and therapeutic interventions over the phone, due to COVID-19.

For Patients, parents and carers who are concerned about their children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health there are several resources that can be accessed online or via the telephone to support with emotional wellbeing, including:

If you have accessed these but still feel you need additional support, you can call 01472 626100, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

Outside these hours contact the Single Point of Access on 01472 256256 option 3, the police or hospital based staff.

Out of hours is for Emergencies only, People who have been detained under the Mental health act by Police (S136), People who attended Accident and Emergency for significant attempts of self-harm / suicide and people experiencing unmanageable suicidal thoughts.

Livewell and wellbeing services

The Wellbeing service has stopped all face-to-face support with clients but is continuing to work with people virtually (via telephone, email and through text support).

Anyone can get the support they need by contacting the team on 01472 325500. For more details about the service go to our Wellbeing service  page.

The E Cigarette voucher provision for pregnant smokers has now stopped.

All stop smoking support will continue for both existing and newly referred clients using virtual support. It is vitally important that we help smokers to quit because smoking harms the immune system and smokers are therefore less protected against infections like coronavirus.

We Are With You – Free, confidential support with alcohol, drugs or mental health

We Are With You are working hard to still offer support, advice and treatment throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Phone lines are still open Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm. Recovery workers are also holding telephone and video call appointments if it’s safe to do so.

Anyone who is prescribed medication by us, has been contacted about any changes to their prescriptions. Many are now collecting one or two weeks of medication to reduce trips to the pharmacy and increase social distancing.

Referrals are still being taken, including prison releases. As an alternative to face to face meetings, many are being advised to getdifferent types of support for now, such as online support groups or confidential webchat service on the With You website.

You can get in touch by phone if you would like to discuss a referral, for yourself or someone you know.

All groups and activities have been cancelled for now, and we will be looking to move some of these online. In the meantime keep an eye on social media for updates.

Keep in touch.