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COVID-19: New restriction for mattresses at recycling centres

10:15 am, Tuesday, 8th September 2020 - 2 months ago


North East Lincolnshire’s recycling centres are restricting the number of mattresses brought to the sites.

Anyone who wants to dispose of a mattress must book in advance by calling 01472 326288 during office hours. Only a limited number are accepted each day.

The Community Recycling Centres (CRCs or tips) in Grimsby and Immingham have been inundated with mattresses since restrictions were lifted last week. Visitors left up to 100 mattresses per day last week.

Most of the places that dispose of mattresses are limiting how many they will take. Mattresses are not usually recycled and are often sent to landfill.

North East Lincolnshire Council lifted several restrictions at the CRCs last week for bulky items such as sofas and armchairs. But new restrictions for mattresses need to be put in place.


  • You must book in advance to take a mattress to the CRCs
  • Call 01472 326288 during office hours to make a booking. Bookings for the weekend must be made before 4pm on a Friday
  • Site staff are social distancing and cannot help you move large items – please only bring a mattress if you can move it safely yourself
  • If you bring a mattress to either site without a booking, you will be turned away


Restrictions still in place

Restrictions were introduced at both CRCs during the lockdown. The following restrictions remain in place:

  • No one in self-isolation or with coronavirus symptoms should visit the tips under any circumstances
  • Stay two metres away from our staff and other visitors to the site
  • Only one visit per day
  • Only one car allowed at a container at a time
  • Do not move to another container if another person is using it, wait until they are finished
  • All waste and recycling must be brought to the site in a vehicle
  • Assistance will not be given by the site attendants – please only bring waste that you are able to handle safely yourself
  • Maximum of two people in a vehicle
  • On your return from the site, please remember not to touch your face and to wash your hands for 20 seconds on arrival at your destination.
  • Maximum of three types of waste and/or recyclable materials will be accepted at any one time
  • Small quantities of wood/MDF can be brought to the site in a car, van or trailer
  • Soil and rubble (maximum of three bags per household per day).


Bulky Waste

Bulky waste collections are running as normal. Make a booking now at


Garden Waste

The Council offers a paid for garden waste service. Have your garden waste taken away for just £36. Sign-up at


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