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COVID-19: Thank you for managing waste responsibly

North East Lincolnshire Council is thanking households for acting responsibly with their waste and recycling since the coronavirus outbreak started.

Reports from other parts of the country show there has been an increase in the number of fly-tips since the lockdown started.

But figures for North East Lincolnshire show 167 fly-tipping reports for March, compared to 260 in March 2019. February saw 150 incidents and January had 225. And figures for April 1 to 10 show 38.

Cllr Ron Shepherd, portfolio holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, said:

“Fly-tipping is never acceptable. Some parts of the country have witnessed a big increase in fly-tipping since the lockdown.

“I’m pleased to say most people in North East Lincolnshire are acting responsibly and we’ve not yet seen an increase here.

“I’d like to thank everyone for the way they are managing their waste under the coronavirus restrictions.”

Cllr Shepherd added:

“Some people are using the lockdown to crack on with a DIY project or clear up their gardens, but we’re asking them to think before they embark on a big project and if they do, deal with the waste lawfully.

“If you can store any extra waste without it causing a problem for you or your neighbours, that’s fine. But if you can’t, this is not a good time for those projects.

“Please also think ahead. The tips in Grimsby and Immingham are likely to be exceptionally busy once the restrictions are lifted, so you could be in for a long wait before you can get rid your extra waste.

“It’s business as usual for our environmental enforcement, but there are limitations on how much contact they can have with the public. You can still help by reporting any fly-tips to them and providing as much information as possible.”


Report fly-tippers at and give as much information as possible, including:

  • Vehicle registration number and other details
  • Description of the people involved
  • The exact location
  • Date and time you discovered the rubbish
  • Details of the items dumped
  • Photos of the waste
  • Never put yourself at risk when reporting a fly-tip.

Waste collection update

Kerbside recycling and household rubbish collections are running as normal, but there have been some delays to garden waste collections this week.

If bins or boxes in your street are missed, please put them out the next day and we’ll empty them as soon as we can.

Service disruption is listed at

The Council closed Immingham Community Recycling Centre (CRC or tip) on 27 March.

Grimsby CRC remains open but with strict limitations in place. They are:

  • Only household waste and recycling that is usually collected at the kerbside will be accepted – that’s general household rubbish, plastic bottles, tins, cans and metal household packaging, paper and card, glass bottles and jars
  • We will not accept other rubbish and recycling (mattresses, furniture, garden waste, white goods, building material etc).
  • Up to four cars on site at a time
  • One visit per day.

    Earlier this month the Council issued a plea asking people not to light bonfires. Bonfire smoke can have a harmful effect on people with health problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis. It also causes significant problems for people suffering with coronavirus symptoms.

Tips for dealing with garden waste

It’s much better for your neighbours and the environment to compost garden waste instead of burning it.

  • Sign up for garden waste collections at
  • Leave your lawn for longer before you mow it
  • Let the grass grow to create a mini meadow – it’s great for wildlife
  • Make a mulch with your grass clippings
  • Make compost at home and give yourself a free supply of nutrient-rich soil
  • Spread out grass cuttings to dry for a few days before putting in your green bin – this avoids making the bin heavy and reduces any smells from rotting.
  • If you are cutting back trees and bushes, use the branches as supports for other plants later in the year.


How you can prevent fly-tipping

We all have a legal obligation or Duty of Care to make sure our household or business waste is disposed of correctly. The best way to stop organised fly-tipping is to check that only authorised waste carriers take your rubbish away. You could face prosecution and an unlimited fine if your waste ends up fly-tipped by someone else. Remember, if it’s your waste it’s your responsibility. Avoid a fine – put items in a bin, not by the side; don’t leave items out for the ‘scrap man’; and always follow the SCRAP code if you are having waste taken away.

SCRAP stands for:

  • Suspect ALL waste carriers
  • Check with the Environment Agency via their website or on 03708 506 506 that the provider taking your waste away is licensed
  • Refuse unexpected offers to have waste taken away
  • Ask what will happen to your waste
  • Paperwork should be obtained – get a full receipt

The SCRAP campaign was recently rolled out in Lincolnshire and is based on an award-winning campaign continuing to be developed by the Hertfordshire Waste Partnership and its partner authorities, with more joining all the time.
The campaign reminds people to check their waste is being taken away for disposal by a licensed carrier – either by asking to see a Waste Carriers Licence or by looking up the company on the Environment Agency website.


Fly-tipping in alleyways

Alleyways are private property and it’s not the responsibility of the Council to keep them clear. There are a number of options for people who find their alley is used as a dumping ground – these include getting together with your neighbours to clear it or using a licenced waste carrier.

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