North East Lincolnshire Council

Fly-posting and graffiti removal

Report graffiti and fly-posting by completing our online form for Graffiti and fly-posting.

Graffiti and fly-posting are dealt with in the same way by the Council and are subject to the same legislation.


We are responsible for cleaning graffiti from any adopted highways and from any council owned properties.

Graffiti anywhere else is the responsibility of the home or landowner. We do offer a graffiti removal service, however charges may apply. To use our graffiti removal service you will be required to complete and sign a disclaimer when we attend. If the disclaimer is not signed the graffiti will not be removed.

Removal of graffiti is usually carried out without any damage to property, but any damage that may occur during some types of graffiti removal will not be the responsibility of North East Lincolnshire Council.

If you want to report graffiti, please contact us with information on exactly where the graffiti is and whether it is of an offensive nature or not.

Offensive graffiti needs to be reported using the Police non-emergency 101 line or online at  to report it on the Humberside Police website. If you’d rather not give your name, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


Fly-posting is the illegal posting of fliers, leaflets and posters onto walls, lamp-posts, street furniture, bus shelters etc. If you would like any unsightly fly posting removed from an adopted highway please complete our online form.

Graffiti and fly-posting – Report graffiti and fly-posting or request it’s removal

Telephone: 01472 326300, option 1