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Climate change

Climate Local

North East Lincolnshire Council has strengthened its focus on energy and climate change by signing up to the Climate Local initiative.

Launched in June 2012 by the Local Government Association, and signed by North East Lincolnshire in 2016, Climate Local supports councils to reduce carbon emissions and increase resilience to a changing climate. The initiative is the only one of its type in England and is the successor to the old Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change.

Climate Local supports local authorities in the following ways:

  • Provides a platform owned and led by councils, to promote activity on climate change and demonstrate leadership locally and nationally.
  • Supports local authorities to share good practice and identify other authorities undertaking similar initiatives, to support joint working and the sharing of experience and ideas.
  • Provides practical tools and advice to councils on climate change issues.
  • Raises the profile of carbon reduction and adaptation nationally.

Signing the declaration and being part of the initiative further enhances the area’s aspirations to become the renewable energy capital of the UK. The local authority published its commitment to the plan in October 2016.

As a leading player in the Humber Energy Estuary, Climate Local gives this agenda some added focus. Not only does it make the council operations more efficient but, perhaps more importantly, it ensures that the community gets maximum benefit and productivity from energy.

Being less reliant on the national grid will reduce costs, thereby helping to tackle fuel poverty and improving business competitiveness in North East Lincolnshire. This is key to delivering a stronger economy and a stronger community.

Find out more about Climate Change and Climate Local on the Local Government Association website.

What next?

We have reviewed our progress towards our commitment, and report on this at appropriate Scrutiny and Cabinet meetings. If you would like any further information in the meantime contact our Strategic Commissioning Lead for energy and environment using the contact details below.

Find out more about what else the council is doing to strengthen our work around reducing our carbon use and achieving our climate targets –