North East Lincolnshire Council

Youth offending service

The principal aim of the Youth Offending Service is to prevent offending by children and young persons.

Other aims of the service are to:

  • Tackle delays – halving the time from arrest to sentence for persistent young offenders, speeding up justice for all young offenders.
  • Confronting young offenders with the consequences of their offending and helping them to develop a sense of personal responsibility.
  • Intervention – tackling the risk factors associated with offending – personal, family, social, educational, health, drugs, accommodation, peer group pressure, low self esteem, poor academic attainment etc.
  • Punishment proportionate to seriousness and persistence of offending, with a range of penalties available to the Courts (referral orders, action plan orders, detention and training orders, reparation orders, parenting order etc.)
  • Encouraging reparation to victims or to the community by young offenders.
  • Reinforcing the responsibilities of parents

The work with children and young people is mainly within the following areas;

  • Preventative Work
  • Pre-court Diversion
  • Court Attendance and Bail Supervision
  • Referral Orders
  • Supervision of Community Orders
  • Custodial Sentences and Supervision on Licence
  • Multi-agency approach

For any further information about the work of the Youth Offending Service please contact the team using the contact details provided.

To view some of the projects done by the Youth Offending team visit this youtube playlist.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteers needed

We’re looking for people who can give us their time and help young people in two volunteering opportunities to become either an Appropriate Adult to support young offenders in Police Custody, or a Referral Order Panel Member which is working with other panel members of the Youth Offending Service to address young people’s offending behaviour.

Recycle Cycles

Do you have an old unwanted bike or bike bits? Do you know someone who needs a bike?

We transform old bikes. We strip them down, check for damage and alignment, clean them up and re assemble with serviced and new components.

We donate them to someone in need – adults or children who need a bike to get to work or school, want to get fit or reduce their travel costs and are not able to meet the cost of a brand new bike. All work is done by young people from the Youth Offending Service as part of their work towards paying back to their community. They are fully supervised by trained mechanics, learning new skills while taking part in a worthwhile project that benefits others. Refurbished bikes are fully safety checked.

For more information, or to request or donate a bike please contact:

Safeguarding and Youth Offending Service

Telephone: (01472) 325252



Youth Offending Service, William Molson Centre, Kent Street, Grimsby, DN32 7DJ


Telephone: 01472 326294 option 5